Cut the burden for taxpayers

Enjoy first-class capabilities at a significantly lower cost of ownership than our competitors can offer

Serve your citizens better

Connect intuitive, mobile technologies to powerful reporting and analytic tools to continuously improve outcomes

Unlock civil servants' potential

Enable employees to focus on more complex tasks, deliver greater value and increase job satisfaction with automation and self service

Use your data more securely

Provide transparency without risking data security with public, private or on premise hosting, at price you can afford

You make the rules for your Enterprise Software

Your organization can benefit from flexible, scalable enterprise software that provides the best value anywhere. 

Unit4 Business World is an enterprise solution purpose-built for people-centric organizations. High-performance back-office capabilities include core financials, budgeting, procurement, HR, and payroll, with tools that work the way your people work. Streamline back-office functions to focus resources on front-office solutions so your organization can accomplish more. Our solutions’ inherent flexibility quickly and easily enables reorganizations, deploying shared services and in and out-sourcing.

Unit4 Business World delivers unrivaled value to public services organizations, without compromising on capability. When you make the rules, you win.

What if you could get more capabilities from your software, while having more money for other projects?

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Unit4 solutions provide full, first-class capabilities, with significantly lower implementation and maintenance costs than traditional ERP solutions, and more than just a solid foundation of back-office processes.

It can help your people work more efficiently with intuitive tools throughout the organization, such as self-driven expense claims and easy collaboration across projects. Business World will integrate with your existing software tools to maintain total data integrity and with every taxpayer dollar you save on your IT solutions, more of the services citizens demand will be protected.


Unit4 provides software solutions to more than 1,500 public services sector customers worldwide, including central government offices, local government, healthcare providers, and law enforcement.

  • “La soluzione Unit4 è progettato per supportare le necessità della città e ci offre la possibilità di adeguarci rapidamente e facilmente alle nuove situazioni.”

    - Manager of Information Services, City of Port Coquitlam

  • "We are confident our decision to consolidate to a single system will reduce costs significantly, even helping us become more profitable, and improve efficiency across the City."

    - City of Stockholm

  • "The major achievement that we have brought about with the help of Unit4 has been the transformation of financial management in Oldham."

    - Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council

  • “Unit4's solutions for public sector and government organizations combine innovations in technology like cloud, social and mobile capabilities with a deep understanding of the sector challenges.”

    CIOSTORY™ Top Government Providers

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What if you could use the same set of tools to improve your organization and report on its progress?

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Unit4 Business World helps you streamline processes internally, and share your success with accurate responsive reports on any information you need to present. Our tools provide real-time insight across all departments and projects, providing IFRS- and GAAP-compliant budget analysis to trace resource flows. Benchmark results in regular and ad-hoc reports that show your financial performance and measure KPIs. Gathering accurate data that tells the real story of your business has never been easier, whether for a weekly meeting or to fulfill financial reporting requirements.

Designed for people

Our inherently flexible applications are built for change, so you can reorganize, in or out source, add new functions, take on new responsibilities, or share services without costly and time-consuming systems changes. Intuitive tools help you do more with fewer resources and liberate your staff for higher-value tasks.

UNIT4 Business World provides a unique choice for public services ERP.

Adapt to changing conditions faster, more cost-effectively and without disruption. Deploy a complete set of tools on-premises or in the cloud, accessed in the office or on mobile devices, to cost-effectively modernize your agency’s digital strategy. Software that works the way your people work is the ultimate partner to public services organizations.

Liberate your staff for higher-value productivity

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Your people have to meet rising citizen expectations, and there’s no time to be distracted by repetitive administrative work. Software tools should make back-office functions and routine administrative tasks easier so that your organization can focus on higher-value services. Unit4 Business World is the self-driving ERP that frees up your people’s time and resources for front-line services that benefit the public. And when regulations change or your core functions evolve, your tools will be ready to grow and adapt to meet tomorrow’s priorities.

Core benefits

See how our solutions can serve your agency or department with tools designed to support the needs of the public services sector.

Cloud Your Way

Il nostro Cloud Your Way consente al team di spostare le soluzioni in tutto o in parte su cloud pubblico, cloud privato oppure di mantenerle on-premise. Potrete ottenere le compliance e la sicurezza necessarie, poiché voi controllate ciò che avviene sul cloud e decidete quando aderirvi. Questo è il grande vantaggio di Cloud Your Way di Business World.

La soluzione che noi forniamo ha le stesse funzionalità, indipendentemente dalla loro modalità di fruizione.

Unit4 cloud your way

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