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Meet the world’s first enterprise Digital Assistant

Simply add Wanda as a contact and access your business applications from your mobile device to carry out actions, approve tasks or ask questions – any time; anywhere


Just add Wanda

There’s no new interface to learn – just open your usual chat app (e.g. Skype, Slack, MS Teams, Facebook), select Wanda from your contacts and start a conversation.

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Now you’re talking

Wanda understands and interacts with you – using your language and natural, everyday words and phrases. So, you can get straight down to business.

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Simply work smarter

Free yourself from complexity – Wanda is hard at work behind the screen, harnessing all your business data and orchestrating your tasks and requests.

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Gain momentum

Wanda keeps learning, to recognize patterns, apply preferences, automate routine tasks and anticipate your needs, so your productivity can soar.

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How can Wanda help you?

    Meet your Purchasing Assistant

    • Search for products from your internal product catalogue and submit requests for approval.
    • Check on the progress and status of your requisitions.

    Meet your Timesheets Assistant

    • Submit timesheets manually or based on automatic tracking.
    • Define “stop watches” to track time on specific projects or for travel time.
    • Define when Wanda should notify you to do your timesheet.

    Meet your Travel and Expense Assistant

    • Manually initiate a travel request and send it for approval.
    • Wanda will propose a cost estimate on travel expenses based on previous trips (personal and colleagues) and patterns.

    Meet your Workflow Approval Assistant

    • Check and process new workflow tasks.
    • Wanda will remind you of urgent tasks.
    • All workflow actions are available – you can approve, reject, forward or escalate tasks.

    Meet your FAQ Assistant

    • Got a question related to policies? Just ask Wanda.
    • Design a repository of questions and answers that your employees can quickly access through Wanda.
    • No more searching through documents for the answers you need.

    Wanda at a glance

    • No Installation
      As a Unit4 ERP user, you won’t need anything new to start using Wanda. Just open your favourite chat app – whether that’s MS Teams, Skype, Slack or Facebook Messenger – select Wanda from your contacts and chat.

    • Continuous Learning
      Wanda recognizes patterns and behaviors to automate routine tasks and anticipate your needs, so you can keep your core focus.

    • Natural Language
      Wanda talks the way you talk, and understands natural language (including English, Norwegian, Swedish, German, French and Dutch), to cut complexity and help you focus on the most important things.

    • Task Coordination
      Wanda is the interface linking all the information in your business systems. The complexity stays behind your screen.

    Learn more about Wanda

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