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10 questions you should ask your remote employees

With so many people suddenly confined to working from home in these uncertain times, work can be pretty hard on your people’s mental wellbeing.

Making sure your people stay safe, healthy, productive and still feel part of the team has never been so important. We want to help you stay on top of your workforce in these challenging times.

Even though near 100% of (part-time) remote workers would recommend it to others, and the same portion of people indicate flexibility as the main benefit, there are clear drawbacks as well.  

A recent 3-year study by Buffer and Angellist identified the top 4 issues remote workers struggle with:

  • collaboration and communication
  • loneliness
  • not being able to unplug from work
  • distractions at home




The 10 questions to ask your employees

Our engagement pulses allow you to check in with your people directly, and understand what's on their mind, wherever they are. This, combined with the insights derived from the research mentioned above we have a good base to help our clients turn engagement pulses into action - and now you!

Our customer success team has come up with a set of 50 engagement questions, specifically on bringing you up to speed with how employees are coping with the situation. 

Here’s a sample of 10 key questions and some good follow-up questions:



You can easily add these questions under a new driver in your intuo platform, and combine them with your regular set of engagement questions for maximum results. Quite a few of our customers already did, and this is what one of them had to say about it.

The work from home pulses uncovered that many of our employees didn't have the right tools to work at home.
We quickly set-up a portal where people could request assets that we ship to them as soon as possible.

Sophie Van Ham

CHRO Eurofins

Compare and report on engagement data

It doesn’t just end at asking these questions though. Our solution collects the responses you get and visualises them in easy to understand heat maps, letting you quickly benchmark how your people are managing and how engaged they are right now. You'll then get automatic suggestions on actions you can take where engagement is low, helping you understand the problems your people are facing without having to dive in the data yourself.



Over to you

We’re all stuck in challenging circumstances, but we want to help you and your employees make the best of it. Therefore, we are offering our employee engagement platform, tailored to this working from home situation, completely free of charge to anyone out there! We aren’t even asking for your credit card details, pinky promise. You’ll find all of the information about it here!


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