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Unit4 has teams all over the world, delivering a better enterprise software People Experience for organizations in the business of helping people.

About us

We have many years’ experience of working with leading organizations across Denmark, both as an innovative, locally focused team and as a core part of Unit4’s global organization. Our team delivers highly intuitive software solutions specifically designed for people- and service-centered organizations, so you can free up your people’s time to focus on more meaningful, high-value work.

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Local Expertise

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Product Focus: Unit4 MAP Applications

MAP is a market-leading enterprise software solution for tendering and construction project management. It is used for cost calculation, planning, purchasing and financial control. With MAP you get better profitability in projects and faster information sharing.

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Product Focus: Unit4 Property Management

Our dedicated solution helps real estate companies put people at the heart of tenant management and contract management. Specifically designed to support and streamline your day-to-day processes, it helps you better serve customers—whether tenant, owner or management client.


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Denmark offices

Unit4 A/S
Flæsketorvet 68, 2. 
1711 København

+45 45 26 35 00

Scanmarket A/S
Solbjerg Hedevej 39
8355 Solbjerg

+45 70 275 900