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Manage Your Unit4 Cookies

To better manage your cookie preferences we have supplied a full list of cookies that are used on our websites below. These are organized by several categories and whether they are first party (managed by Unit4) or 3rd party (managed by another business outside of Unit4). In addition to these, the following paragraph provides details on cookies used by Google Analytics.

Google Analytic Cookies
Google Analytics is a traffic analytics tool that gives us real-time insights into how our website is being used, how much, and by whom. It is also used as a statistic tool on our website to measure performance and gain insights into how users behave on our website. Data that Google Analytics offers about our website includes visitor measurements, performance insights of landing and subpages, number of times and time of day of previous visits to our website, and information about how users found our website. Using Google Analytics on our website sets cookies on users’ browsers that process personal data.

Data that Google Analytics’ cookies collect include:

  • UserIDs consisting of a string of numbers unique to each user on our website.
  • Number of times and time of day of previous visits to our website.
  • Information about how you found our website, your search and browser history.
Cookie Subgroup Cookies Cookies used Lifespan __utma 1st Party Persistent __utmb and __utmc 1st Party 30 minutes __utmz 1st Party 6 months __utmv 1st Party Persistent _ga 1st Party 2 years _gac 1st Party 2 years

To manage your cookie preferences at any time, you can click on the "cookie settings" button below.