How to address the digital downgrade in the education market

Posted by  Andrew Garner

The world of work is constantly changing, and technology plays an increasingly important role in this change. Recent years have seen changes to legislation which now require employers to consider requests for flexible and part time working, and employers need to move with the times to retain and attract the best staff. For universities, this rings true both for staff and students.

Staff and students need to be efficient and happy in their work, and as they become more and more familiar and comfortable with technology in their personal lives, their expectations of user experience, multi-device and availability of data increases in their professional lives.

It is crucial for a university to retain its staff and students, and in order to do so institutions need to address the “digital downgrade” often experienced on campus due to the gap between expectations and the experience universities can currently deliver.

Traditional Student Information Systems (SIS) were not built to meet the challenges of the digital age. Their biggest downfall is the inability to adapt easily to change. The average age of a SIS is 13 years. Most of them were built before the internet really took hold of modern life.

The result is they have been customised to extend their functionality and have become a web of complexity which is slowly strangling the ability of the organisation to be agile and provide the data or information required to run a cost effective service. This means that systems are no longer able to change with the demands of the sector and institutions end up lagging behind.

Unit4 prides itself on innovation and our SIS solution – Unit4 Student Management – fully addresses the digital downgrade experienced by staff and students and enables the institution to keep up with rapid changes.

The system is intuitive and easy to use, and allows your users, both students and staff, to see exactly what information they need to in order to carry out their roles. It also allows users to carry out their tasks efficiently and effectively, supported by full workflow that assists in communication and interaction with students, alerting individuals to certain issues, identifying students at risk and validating data.

In a world powered by mobile devices and the ability to transact anywhere, anytime from any device, it’s time for education institutions to provide a digital upgrade.

Andrew Garner

Andy has worked in the HE sector for the majority of his career, and joined Unit4 to specialise in Student Systems and Student Experience. During his career in HE, he has worked for several SI’s in different roles, giving him rich mixture of experience in the sector. He is passionate about making things better for students, and believes the power of higher education can transform lives. Andy has a unique perspective on how the sector works and he understands that success in the sector involves taking the time to build a strong relationship between parties, which can then be used to achieve great things together.

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