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Transforming people experience

Our cloud-based enterprise software solutions — whether for ERP, HCM, FP&A,  Financial Management or S2C — are all underpinned by a simple premise: Give your people the means to focus on what matters, and their productivity at work will help you grow.

A better people experience means better results

For greater agility and better, faster decisions, put what matters front and center. Make work
more intuitive, more effective and more inspiring, so your people and your clients enjoy the
impact they deserve. Experience the heart and soul of a better way for your people to work –
it’s all 4U.



Empower your talent

Your people are here for a reason. Free them to focus on it. Our fit-for-purpose solutions automate the small stuff, in the background, so they can revel in the big ideas at the heart of your organization: giving the people you serve their best.

Elevate engagement

Productivity rises from a multiplicity of factors, including better and clearer processes, but the one that matters most to your people and your business is, quite clearly, meaningful work. That’s why we think of ERP as Experience Real Purpose, and have conceived and built all of our solutions accordingly.

Be true to you

You're all about people, and most enterprise software tends to forget that, treating people as capital. Here, our next generation platform and software modules are designed by forward-thinking technologists to cater to the needs of project-based, people-centered organizations like yours. Primarily and uniquely, we’re scaled to and focused on how people-centered organizations work best, so yours can thrive.

Built on the Unit4 Platform

The Unit4 Platform is a micro-services-based SaaS architecture that underpins the delivery of intelligent enterprise applications. It provides the foundation for your organization to innovate and deliver great experiences for your people.

It features technologies such as:

A natural-language smart assistant to help expedite manual processes and get answers fast.

Low-code tools to more easily change, grow and automate tasks and processes by connecting and creating extensions, integrations and applications.

Machine learning services to help your people work smarter and faster.

Recognized for our people experience

We're always delighted when we receive recognition from our industry peers, expert analysts and — most importantly — our customers.

Visit our Awards and Ratings page for some great examples of recent recognition that we've received.

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