The CFO Opportunity

In the Digital Age, an organization’s success depends on how well its leaders understand and respond to the impact of digital technologies. Because most business data is being pushed into financial systems, CFOs own the business intelligence and have the opportunity and duty to take a leadership position: staying up-to-date 24/7, collaborating with the business, and driving future performance.

4 ways to take the lead

Know the "now"

Stay up to date 24/7 by registering data as it happens so your records reflect the current business position


Collaborate more

Instead of isolated silos, create communities and share task management across departments


Harness your data

Turn stakeholders into contributors by giving them tools to provide data that enriches your analytics


See clearly ahead

Embrace automation and tools to both comply with reporting requirements and drive future performance


What if… you could report on performance 24x7 instead of taking financial snapshots afterwards?

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Nearly every company’s finance and control departments are generating management reports. But it’s one thing to make the report, another thing to act on that information.

When you have the tools to register data as it happens, your records and forecasts reflect the current business – not a snapshot from the past.

From there, it’s a natural step to continuous reporting. 

Day-to-day analysis can now contain the same data as monthly reports, even annual reports. And the benefits of this approach enable you to support the business with faster, richer, and more accurate insight into the current state and future scenarios.


Want to set up a real-time financial information system?


Discover how our customers thrive in the digital age with Unit4 solutions

“We are a textbook model for an organization that lives in constant change, and our software systems did not have the agility to keep up. We wanted the ability to make changes ourselves, quickly, which we can get from the Unit4 solution, but that we didn’t see elsewhere in the market.” 
- Director of Finance, Cranfield University

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"Performance Reporting as I see it, has helped to increase the benefits of the consolidation system. Now we can quickly obtain such results as budget and forecast deviations at different levels down to each individual property."

- Group Controller, AB Sagax

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"The investment is very low, compared to the time savings you can make. The year after deploying Unit4 Statutory Reporting, we saved around 160 hours in preparing the statutory and consolidated annual reports. And it made the process much more secure and reliable."

- Deputy Manager, Finance, John T. Essberger

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“With the proper information, we see the entrepreneurs are able to run their business better. They pay better attention to waste and benefit from purchasing advantages. Together this has helped us to achieve an improvement in margins of 11 percent.”
- Founder & Director, Doppio Espresso

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“It ticked all the boxes. We chose Unit4 Financials because we could easily integrate it with our other systems while at the same time using it to streamline, perform and automate most of the existing processes that required several systems.”

- Senior General Accountant, Pinnacol Assurance

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What if… you could analyze financial data from one integrated stream of real time information?

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When everyone involved in financial control and internal auditing can access and share information, the business benefits. 

CFOs, controllers, finance managers and auditors should have access to evidence and documentation into a single, shared document storage and management facility instead of navigating a fragmented system of local storage, server folders and email. This way, everyone from CFO and down is seeing data as fresh as it comes, and can collaborate on high-value tasks rather than managing data streams. Not to mention the audit benefits of a single source of formatted data!


Want to share real-time financial information?

Ditch the status quo

CFOs have been using the same tools for so long that their limitations have become invisible.
Take a fresh look at everyday practices and you'll quickly discover why it pays to challenge the status quo.

Using spreadsheets for planning and reporting?

Better expect roadblocks. Processes using Excel mean challenges with gathering data, maintaining models and distributing outcomes, as well as version control, consistency and accuracy.

Using email for collaboration?

Who’s missing the messages? Email chains often leave out key stakeholders, and a fragmented trail of partial or outdated information is of little use for future projects.

Using PowerPoint for stakeholder reports?

It’s an information dead-end. Your slideshows may look beautiful, but the output is a static picture that is not directed back into the core systems to enable users to dig deeper.

CFOs in the Digital Age need to get beyond spreadsheets, email and slideshows.
They need modern, collaborative tools to collaborate, plan, and succeed in all the roles they fill: Bookkeeper, Improver, Predictor, and Communicator.

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ditch the status quo?

What if… you could collaborate across departments and teams?

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No CFO succeeds in isolation. It takes collaboration within the finance department, and across every facet of the company. If you had purpose-built tools collaborate with colleagues in a central location, integrated with the financial data essential to your role, you could prioritize tasks and make sure everyone focuses on the most important, time-sensitive projects. Get away from email chains and instead show others exactly what you need them to work on with screen-sharing tools -- even drag-and-drop tasks for colleagues to complete. Collaboration and communication have never been more important for business success and financial success, so make sure you have the tools to break down silos and engage everyone at your organization.

Deliver Accuracy and Efficiency to Core Financials

Easily Handle Complex Expenses

Enjoy Fast, Intuitive Procurement

Monitor and Track Periodic Processes

Centralize Your Financial Data

Visualize Information to Grasp the Big Picture

Model and Visualize Organizational Structures

Improve Cashflow Planning

Consolidate Accounts Across Multiple Companies

A One-Stop, Flexible Budgeting Solution

Prioritize Tasks with Colleagues

Build Communities for Collaboration

Complete Reports Quickly and Accurately


What if… you could generate proactive, predictive budgets?

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In the Digital Age, CFOs need to get beyond unreliable spreadsheet-based workarounds and find ways to simplify their planning process. Whether analyzing cash flow, consolidating accounts from multiple companies, or simply looking to consolidate a number of tools, the key enabler to better forward-looking budgeting is integrating data so that it's accurate, fresh, and available to everyone who needs it.

With the right tools to gather and format your financial data, you can spend more time planning for future scenarios and generating budgets that keep your organization prepared for an unpredictable future.


Want to enable truly strategic planning?

Unit4 solutions for the Office of the CFO

Unit4 delivers innovative financial management solutions designed to meet the core needs of people- and services-focused organizations around the world. We also offer dedicated solutions that address the specific additional requirements of individual roles, business processes or localities.

Global core solutions for fast-changing organizations

Unit4 offers customers two different approaches for achieving world-class financial management, to suit their particular business and IT strategies. Each of these solutions is distinguished by delivering continued agility and flexibility to embrace change – long after initial implementation:

  • Unit4 Financials
    – best-in-class global financial management with unrivaled flexibility, scalability and interoperability.
    Unit4 Financials easily and cost-effectively integrates with customers' chosen industry- or role-specific applications – without affecting them or being affected when those applications need to be changed or replaced.
  • Unit4 Business World On! Financials
    – delivering integrated global financial management at the heart of your ERP solution
    Unit4 Business World On! delivers financial management support as part of a suite of integrated and role-focused, agile applications, designed to help users easily adapt the system, in line with ongoing business or operational change.

Extend your Unit4 Financials solution

We recognize that our customers often need to go beyond the capabilities of their core application, to support other organization- or industry-specific business requirements. To meet these needs, we offer a range of applications specifically for the Office of the CFO, including:

  • Unit4 Time Management
    – a full visual overview and intuitive control of all hours spent on a project.
    The solution enables the accurate reporting, controlling and processing of working hours, even in times of change.
  • Unit4 Travel & Expenses
    – taking the pain out of submitting and tracking expenses.
    Enter transactions and receipt images on the go. Maintain complete visibility with seamless ERP and financial systems integration.
  • Unit4 Performance Management (prevero)
    – a single platform for consolidation, reporting, analytics, dashboards, integrated business planning, and financial budgeting.
    Whether you are planning cash flow, managing operational budgets, forecasting sales, costs and revenue, or reporting on single entity or group financial performance, prevero can deliver the power and flexibility you need to ensure compliance and drive performance.

Dedicated solutions for specific territories

We offer various regional products and services to meet the needs of customers in specific sectors and locations or with specialized business processes.