Unit4 ERP solutions

Unit4 provides innovative, role-focused ERP solutions – designed to meet the core needs of services organizations around the world and delivered via the Cloud at your Speed.

ERP for fast-changing organizations

ERP for specific sectors

We also offer dedicated solutions that address the specific additional requirements of individual industry sectors.

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ERP for specific territories

Our internationally available solutions are complemented by various regional products and services that are available from one or more of our teams around the world. These offer an even broader range of support for the requirements of customers in specific sectors and locations or with specialized business processes. View Unit4 solutions in your region.

Supporting organizations like yours

  • "Our Unit4 solution is the sole foundation for our entire group of more than 8,000 employees at 150 locations."

    - CIO, Bravida

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  • "We are confident our decision to consolidate to a single system will reduce costs significantly, even helping us become more profitable, and improve efficiency across the City."

    - City of Stockholm

  • “We can make system changes as and when we need to but without the price tags associated with other ERP solutions out there.”

    - CFO, Lifeways Group

  • “Horrific costs and maintenance issues put us off legacy systems like Oracle. The beauty of using Unit4 is we use our own staff to implement, and so avoid paying for expensive, external ERP consultants.”

    – Ian Sibbald, Director of Finance

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  • "Working together, AGS and Unit4 successfully defined, designed, built and implemented an ERP system within a pressurized time constraint, while ensuring business continuity and safeguarding against risk. Great team effort."

    - Jon Matthews, Head of Finance

Working Smarter

The Unit4 People Platform offers a whole new level of capabilities designed around the needs of people, enabling you to harness the latest advances in key technologies (such as social, mobile, predictive analytics, cloud and big data).

It provides benefits to key Unit4 products, making them intuitive and insightful to use, easy to change and flexible to consume.

Empowering People

Employees and customers are looking for enterprise applications providing a consumer-grade experience.


  • Superior productivity and adoption.
  • Complete digital workplace accessible from any device.
  • Simple access to relevant and complete information.
  • Improved engagement and no digital downgrade at work.

Unit4 has a tradition in creating easy-to-use enterprise applications focused on people.

Embracing Business

Service organizations need integrated business capabilities that address their full needs.


  • Tailored solutions for each role and task.
  • Flexible support for business processes.
  • Productivity through capabilities working seamlessly together.

Unit4 has been delivering business applications to service organizations for over 30 years.

Embedding Digital

Context-driven insights through digital innovations such as Social, Mobile, Analytics, Big Data and Machine-Learning.


  • New business insights e.g. better project completion estimates via sentiment analysis of social conversations.
  • Simplified business processes and elimination of manual tasks e.g. prepopulating expense reports via location data of mobile devices and analysis usage patterns.

Unit4 is fully focused on innovation.

Enabling Change

In the digital era, every business needs to react and adapt quickly.


  • Model and remodel data structures and functionality to meet evolving business requirements.
  • Extend-and-Relate™ - instantly join all modules, all reports, and all workflows within Unit4 applications.
  • Customization without IT expertise.

Unit4 provides an enterprise-scale foundation delivering instant value and low TCO!

How can we help?

Unit4 develops and delivers enterprise applications that are ideally suited to people- or service-focused organizations – whether public sector, private sector or NGO and Non-profit sector – that operate in a state of frequent and dynamic change.

Our ERP suites cover a full range of core back-office applications, such as:

  • accounting/financials
  • budgeting and forecasting
  • field service management
  • procurement
  • HR and payroll
  • project management
  • reporting and analytics.

This enables organizations to replace multiple, insular third-party and internal systems or cumbersome and outdated traditional ERP systems, with a single, complete, integrated and streamlined cloud solution.

Why are we better?

Having all your applications working from the same, shared “single version of the truth” ensures more consistent, accurate and up-to-date information, eliminating the inefficiencies and risks of maintaining duplicate core business data in multiple, separate silos. Better still, changes made in one part of the solution are automatically reflected wherever else they affect.

Lastly (but most importantly) our solutions are designed to support and empower the people who use them. As well as delivering highly effective and intuitive tools, we enable your users to keep the system set up and tuned to match your organization’s structure and ongoing needs. Unlike traditional ERP systems, you won’t need expensive expert help every time something has to change. This minimizes the cost of owning and running our applications but it also means you can always respond swiftly to change – without disruption, delay or missing opportunities.