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Digital transformation and the People Experience at EDUCAUSE 2019

from  October 15, 2019 | 2 min read

Higher Education institutions have made large investments in technology, but often their administrative staff are hampered by outdated systems that prevent them from accomplishing crucial day-to-day tasks.

It’s not unusual for procurement officers to have to rely on detailed spreadsheets and entering data in multiple disparate systems. These are then emailed around, which makes institutions just one mis-click away from a critical data security incident.

Digital transformation is a topic that’s been on the EDUCAUSE agenda for many years, with ERP typically at the center of discussions.

“Many institutions don’t get the full benefit of an ERP system, whether that’s because their system is too antiquated and brittle to support upgrades and business change, or because they are stuck with silos of data that can’t effectively work together. Ultimately, this puts you at risk for poor organizational visibility on compliance and financial issues, which frustrates your staff and makes it difficult to make sound decisions that will positively impact student success,” Austin Laird, Higher Education Product Strategy at Unit4, says in Education Dive’s 2019 Industry Report: Unleashing the Full Potential of Modern Higher Education ERP.

Given that up to 40% of office workers’ time is spent on administrative duties, we must find a way to create more space for people to do the work that matters. We’re focused on delivering cloud-based solutions that eliminate or automate many administrative tasks and improve the people experience so that your staff can focus their time and talents on higher-valued items, like interacting with students.

Be sure to check out “A Boring Back-Office Transformation’s Effect on the Student Experience at EDUACUSE on Oct. 16 at 3:15 in W178b, Level 1. Austin will discuss with panelists, Keith Fowlkes of Educational & Institutional Cooperative Services Inc (E&I), Unicon, Inc. software architect Linda Feng, and Bow Valley College Vice-President of Strategy and CIO Vaughn Ravenscroft, how back-office upgrades of enterprise and student systems trickle down to transform the student experience too. Learn more.

On day one of EDUCAUSE, we’ve already had the chance to talk to many people about the challenges they are facing and how digital transformation strategies and technologies can help their institutions do more with less.


Booth visitors have been letting us know what they need from a digital transformation at their institution at our selfie wall. By posting their #U4EDU pics online, they’ve entered our social media contest for a chance to win one of 3 daily smartwatches. The two people pictured right above and the gentleman in the top photo all won smartwatches on day one.

If you’re at #EDU19, drop by our booth to talk about digital transformation and take a selfie.

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