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How data from SaaS technology can transform a nonprofit's services and improve outcomes

Nonprofits are under immense pressure to make the most of limited resources and ensure that services are delivered effectively. In these conditions, it’s essential to have access to the right technology and data analytics tools in order to effectively deliver services and achieve successful outcomes.

Software as a Service (SaaS) tools can be a powerful ally in achieving these aims. Here are 4 ways in which the data control and visibility provided by SaaS – and the other capabilities it enables – can help you transform your ability to deliver services.

1. Better insights mean better service

SaaS technology enables greater collaboration between systems and access to a wider range of data. Greater access to related intelligence can provide organizations with powerful insights into how they should best respond to crisis and support their mission, resulting in more effective delivery of services and improved outcomes.

2. Identifying patterns and trends in the needs of your service users

Data analytics can help nonprofits identify trends and patterns in project needs, allowing for more informed decisions about how to allocate resources and target service delivery efforts.

SaaS solutions make tracking service delivery metrics such as usage rates, efficiency of budget allocation, completion times significantly easier. This in turn makes it easier for an organization’s leadership (and its donors and other stakeholders) to understand the impact of their work on those being served—and areas that may require additional attention.

3. Keep on top of outcomes – and make them easily accessible to everyone else

Leveraging the advanced capabilities offered by SaaS solutions confers many benefits not only related directly to improving operational efficiency, but also provides invaluable insight into understanding what works well & what might need improvement when targeting specific communities through your programs & activities - ultimately helping you reach better results faster than ever before.

SaaS technology can track service delivery and measure outcomes more effectively. This can help identify areas of positive impact and areas that need to improve, and demonstrate this to funders and other stakeholders.

4. Automate routine workflows to focus on what matters most

Finally, automation capabilities within SaaS technologies allow staff members to spend a great deal more time focusing on delivering direct services. This makes delivering quality support much simpler while also significantly reducing costs associated with manual processes and regulatory compliance, and allows for greater flexibility when allocating resources towards other initiatives and beginning new projects that help you to advance your mission.

All these features combined make Saas Technology an invaluable asset for any nonprofit looking towards making their operations efficient & cost-effective in order achieve greater impact on society.

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How can Unit4 help you

Unit4 has been creating and delivering enterprise software to nonprofit organizations for over 40 years.

Our cloud-based ERP, FP&A, HCM, and S2C solutions provide the perfect platform on which to build the foundations of your future resilience and act as a unified environment for back-office processes within your organization. We help you manage your operations today and plan your workforces and finances for the future while supporting your people with a great experience and the tools necessary to work effectively. All creating efficiencies driven through personalization, automation, and improved data visibility that create the working environments your people need to focus less on administration, and more on service provision. Our Source to Contract solutions also give you the power to digitize and control every aspect of your procurement process to realize greater efficiency and value.

Our nonprofit industry model for implementation also means you can be up and running with any of our solutions in just half the time taken by typical implementation projects ­– with relevant best practices already enabled. Check out our dedicated nonprofit pages here to learn more or click here to book a demo.

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