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Johan Reventberg

Photo of Johan Reventberg, Unit4 Chief Revenue Officer

Johan Reventberg

Unit4 Chief Revenue Officer

I’m passionate about making a real difference for our customers and people, with our innovative and industry-leading technology. I believe my main strength as a leader is to help sales-oriented teams and individuals discover and achieve their potential and, in doing so,  helping to realize expected business, as well as personal outcomes. This is why I am at Unit4 and I’m really enjoying the ride.  

I believe that the principles of empowerment, transparency and focus generate trust and results, that true diversity builds winning teams and that competitiveness is a core foundation for all businesses.

Most of my passions outside of work are sport related and can be experienced on or near a mountain, in both the winter and summer time, and preferably with the whole family. Life should be enjoyed, and practicing the ‘good-life’ outside of work with family and friends all over the world is a top priority for me.