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What are the cost efficiencies of moving your ERP to the Cloud?

from  October 10, 2023 | 4 min read

As businesses around the world look for ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency, many are turning to Cloud-based ERP solutions. At the end of 2022, 65% of ERP systems were in the Cloud. It is inevitable that the number will become 100% at some point. But when? And when will you make the move? 

Moving your ERP to the Cloud can offer significant cost savings, as well as a range of other benefits. 

The ongoing costs of an on-premise ERP are often underestimated

The upfront and ongoing costs of ERP can get overlooked. Of course, upfront costs would include hardware and licensing, setup and configuration, plus the cost of training staff. And then ongoing costs include maintenance, software and hardware upgrades, storage, data security, and IT support. 

But this is the tip of the iceberg. What’s under the water might include downtime, restoration, power consumption, and fraud detection and prevention. It can be difficult to put a price on not having your system up and running properly. 

On-premise ERP can also tie up valuable resources. By moving your system to the Cloud, you can save on IT costs associated with buying, installing, and maintaining expensive hardware and software licenses. You’ll also benefit from Cloud technology that automates and streamlines processes, which can help you reduce costs further. 

The Cloud can provide a competitive advantage

Cloud ERP means you can rely on data-driven decision-making based on real-time data, giving you a leg up on your competition. By leveraging modern technology, Cloud-based ERP systems can help you increase efficiency and reduce costs associated with manual processes. As a result, you can focus on driving success and streamlining operations without having to worry about extra expenses.

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Cost savings with Unit4 in the Cloud

The use of advanced technology such as automation and AI also helps organizations drive cost savings by eliminating manual processes and providing insights into more efficient ways of doing business. By moving to a Cloud platform, businesses also have access to cutting-edge security tools that make it easier to protect their data and comply with industry regulations. Modern Cloud computing platforms are capable of handling high workloads, allowing companies to increase performance and capacity while avoiding additional investments. 

By harnessing this technology, organizations can focus their resources on core competencies and optimize operations for maximum efficiency. As a result, organizations that move their ERP to the Cloud enjoy significant cost savings, improved security, and greater scalability.

With Unit4 ERP, you are guaranteed a 99.8% availability of your system, and this number is a key performance indicator for us. We report on it, measure ourselves by it, and achieve it by partnering with Microsoft. This also gives you the highest safety standards and service level agreements (SLA). 

Continuity of service is not just about uptime and availability; it also includes a disaster recovery plan, continuous risk assessment, and up-to-date certifications across infrastructure, software, data connectivity, and communication links, which all translate directly into costs.

The benefits of Unit4 Cloud 

Innovations such as API connectivity with low code no code capability allows you to expand your systems and connect the data without having the added complication of coding or requiring support. And, of course, Cloud solutions are available anywhere at any time. 

A transition to the Cloud with Unit4 is fundamentally underpinned by four pillars of value:

  • Total cost of ownership – streamlines and simplifies the IT landscape, avoids ongoing on-premise costs, and builds a future-proof future. 
  • Efficiency – drives and unlocks resource and productivity gains – freeing your people to focus on more value-adding strategic activities. 
  • Effectiveness – improves insights into people, projects, and capital and enables agility and process flexibility. 
  • Experience – consistent experience cuts across the whole organization with a system of engagement that helps you to retain, grow, and support valuable talent. 

Want to learn more? Check out this recent webinar on Cost efficiencies in the Cloud, this infographic on the Business value of moving to SaaS, or hear it straight from some of our customers on this customer reference page. We are excited to be a part of your journey to the Cloud. 

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