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Nucleus Research: Unit4 product ecosystem a powerful engine for value creation

We’re very pleased to report that Nucleus’s latest Research Note has some great praise for our solutions’ operational benefits and our capacity to reduce IT complexity, bundle software costs, reduce implementation times, and realize higher ROI from your technology deployments.

For organizations seeking to improve productivity while moderating spending, Unit4 provides an effective way to reduce IT complexity, bundle software costs, expedite implementations, and realize higher ROIs from their technology deployments. Through this value proposition and demonstrated competitive wins against other enterprise software suite vendors, Nucleus is confident in Unit4’s market competitiveness as spending tightens.

Samuel Hamway

Analyst, Nucleus Research

Nucleus interviewed multiple Unit4 customers leveraging our products across a wide variety of industries and use cases – including:

  • A relief nonprofit that had outgrown its previous financial management software,
  • A European retailer with 100,000 employees which implemented Unit4 FP&A to the full satisfaction of users in just 6 months.
  • A global nonprofit that has used Unit4 to consolidate all financial data and achieve greater operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.
  • A Canadian municipality that brought Unit4 on board for financial planning, personnel planning, operating and capital budget, reserve analysis, and modelling of asset balances, and has since developed our tools to leverage reporting for project management – including capital project calculation for salary info, executive reporting, 5-year budget, departmental and capital reports, and budget to actual comparison.

All customers interviewed cited considerable advantages over our competitors in 4 crucial areas.

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Our integrated suite approach

The Unit4 suite approach enables organizations to digitize a broader range of functionality across ERP, FP&A, and HCM compared to other vendors, and is cited as a primary driver for adoption.

Breadth of FP&A functionality

Our wide range of capabilities is singled out for attention – with organizations choosing us for our capacity to both meet business requirements better than other vendors, integrate better with other systems, and provide a single source of truth for decision making.

Lower cost than the competition

Many customers surveyed reported significantly reduced operational costs and implementation costs realized over time, allowing standardization of processes, proper data governance, and improved projects environments to be achieved with an optimized budget.


Our systems’ configurability is cited as a major advantage – enabling users to tailor components to their precise business requirements and develop use cases far in excess of our customers’ original scopes of work. Our industry models also support this, providing a range of pre-configured workflows and best practices designed with the needs of industry-specific operating environments in mind to expedite implementation and customization needs.

Want to learn more?

See what Nucleus has to say for yourself – download their full report here to discover in-depth customer experiences and a detailed exploration of how the Unit4 Suite helps organizations realize value from their ERP systems faster. You can also check out this short video that gives an overview of their findings.

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