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PSO Model 3.0: A solution for changing times

from  October 20, 2020 | 3 min read

Over the last few years, the ERP industry has been undergoing a transformation. In a XaaS economy, where almost anything can be offered as a service, ERP users have begun moving to the Cloud. Why? Access to innovation, mobility, flexibility, and scalability are just some of the reasons. 

There´s a need for fast adaptability in a rapidly changing environment, enhanced with cloud-based systems.

Faster time to innovation

There´s also a high demand for out-of-the-box solutions that deliver faster time to value implementations that can be customized easier, resulting in a future proof solution.

This approach means more companies can access ERP systems that innovate faster, cost less, and are less labor-intensive to implement. This means moving from complex, occasional, and costly updates to regular smaller updates.

The out of the box customizability comes from minimal code applications. Customers can adapt the systems to their specific needs without compromising the installed systems’ compatibility with regular updates.

With artificial intelligence and machine learning as key drivers for automation, innovation becomes more accessible.

The COVID effect

The effect of Covid-19 has been to accelerate this on-going transformation. Many businesses had to adopt new business models and remote working fast. Cloud-based systems helped them facilitate this transition. 

Unit4 offers industry-specific cloud-based solutions. Delivering out of the box capabilities embedded in the software, targeted at specific industries like Nonprofit, Public Sector, Higher Education, and a wide range of Professional Services organizations.

This iterative approach leads to quicker implementations and faster time to value. Enhanced with Unit4’s low code Extension Tool Kits, our customers can become agile and flexible. The Extension Kit lets users extend our solution’s capabilities without developing code. With it, you can build workflows, business processes, automations, and integrations of different applications and data across systems.

Model PSO 3.0

In August, we launched the Industry Model PSO 3.0, a people-centric and project-focused solution built for professional services organizations.  

This cloud-based solution with modern architecture was designed to support Professional Services Organizations. 

Based on 40 years of expertise and by listening to our customers, we put together an out-of-the-box solution that combines various professional services best practices to help you cover critical functions including:

  • Winning more businesses: Grow new business win rates and profitability with more accurate proposals based on past project success. 
  • Optimizing people planning: Attract the best talent and attain optimal utilization rates by synchronizing your availability, requests, allocations, and project backlog.
  • Executing profitable projects: Achieve your revenue and margin targets with 360-degree visibility and control of your project plan, schedule, cost, and budget.
  • Billing with precision: Self-driving timesheets shorten your service-to-cash cycle with fast invoicing and tight cash collection control.  

What this means

Model PSO 3.0 lets you tackle day to day activities, automate repetitive tasks, and make critical business information available to support decision making. It also enables you to concentrate on what you do best, run your business. 

In a rapidly changing business environment, solutions must have the flexibility to adapt to new requirements fast.  

Using Unit4’s People Platform, a micro-services SaaS architecture for enterprise applications, we give you a set of tools built for scalability and flexibility. You can use them to extend Model PSO 3.0’s capabilities, increase automation levels, and adjust to customer's specific needs. With no ‘version’ dependence, your updates are faster and smoother, allowing for almost immediate access to the new software and technological capabilities. 

Compared to most highly customized and difficult to update legacy systems, this is a huge advantage.

The future of ERP

Our Low-code/no-code tool Extension Kit allows you to quickly and easily change, grow and automate tasks, and processes by connecting and creating extensions, integrations, and applications. It replaces traditional customizations or bespoke solutions.

Our innovative solution also comes with our Wanda, a natural conversational digital assistant, to support quicker decision making and process automation.

As an example of its possible capabilities, Wanda has already been used by our partners to:

  • Integrate Course Calendars: using Unit4´s digital assistant, Wanda, to confirm attendance and automatically schedule meetings in outlook
  • Signaling completed workflows: Wanda can automatically update you when workflows complete
  • Entering time in ticketing system Jira is synced with Unit4 ERP timesheets – Any time logged in Jira is automatically added to timesheets in Unit4 ERP. 
  • Automatic Credit Check upon entering a Purchase Orders: when a Purchase Order is created, Wanda can simultaneously perform a credit check and publish the result instantly.

And this is only the beginning of its journey.

Find out more about the Unit4 PSO Model 3.0

Watch our on-demand session of our X4U where PSO Senior Technical Architect Stefan Nicklasson together with Unit4 Industries Director Jeroen Figee explain how to achieve lower effort implementations and faster time to value in your PSO organisation.

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