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SaaS ERP: the right choice for nonprofits?

Forward-looking nonprofits are managing change and improving productivity through cloud ERP to eradicate low-value tasks, work more efficiently, reduce costs, and create space for people to focus on the work that really matters. When it comes to data insights, they’re reaping benefits in a number of areas that cover everything from access to analytics and reporting.

Here's what SaaS ERP can offer your organization – and how it can help you advance its goals and make better use of scarce resources.

Cloud-based: SaaS ERP systems take full advantage of the infinitely scalable architecture of the cloud. This allows nonprofits to free themselves from the limits imposed by legacy systems and access data from anywhere and collaborate with staff and volunteers remotely, regardless of location or device.

Real-time: SaaS ERP systems provide real-time data, which allows organizations to quickly and easily access the information they need to make informed decisions. This can be especially beneficial for those needing to respond quickly to changes in funding, volunteer support, donor requirements, or rapidly evolving situations on the ground.

Data visualization: SaaS ERP architecture makes data visualization a core part of the software offering. This allows nonprofits to easily analyze and understand large amounts of data quickly and deploy it in decision making and resource allocation just as fast. This can help in identifying trends and patterns that can be used to improve operations and increase impact.

Automated data collection: SaaS ERP systems are designed to make automating data collection and entry simple, which reduces the risk of errors and makes data analysis more efficient while reducing the time your people spend on the process.

Integration: SaaS ERP system architecture makes integration with other systems and tools a much simpler process allows nonprofits to gain a more comprehensive view of their operations and impact by consolidating insights from procurement, CRM, marketing automation, and HR tools within a central repository.

Data security: SaaS providers typically have robust security measures in place to protect data and prevent unauthorized access, which can be more effective than the security measures that can be put in place by smaller organizations or those with limited funding.

In summary, SaaS ERP systems provide real-time data, data visualization, cloud-based accessibility, automated data collection, integration and robust data security, making it more useful for a nonprofit organization for data insights. These features can help nonprofits to make more informed decisions, increase their impact, and operate more efficiently.

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How can Unit4 help you

Unit4 has been creating and delivering enterprise software to nonprofit organizations for over 40 years.

Our cloud-based ERP, FP&A, HCM, and S2C solutions provide the perfect platform on which to build the foundations of your future resilience and act as a unified environment for back-office processes within your organization. We help you manage your operations today and plan your workforces and finances for the future while supporting your people with a great experience and the tools necessary to work effectively. All creating efficiencies driven through personalization, automation, and improved data visibility that create the working environments your people need to focus less on administration, and more on service provision. Our Source to Contract solutions also give you the power to digitize and control every aspect of your procurement process to realize greater efficiency and value.

Our nonprofit industry model for implementation also means you can be up and running with any of our solutions in just half the time taken by typical implementation projects ­– with relevant best practices already enabled. Check out our dedicated nonprofit pages here to learn more or click here to book a demo.

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