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Unit4 excel in the Dresner Advisory Services 2023 Industry Excellence Awards

from  August 3, 2023 | 4 min read

Dresner Advisory Services has now named its 2023 Industry Excellence Award winners, and we are delighted to share that Unit4 has been awarded the prestigious "Overall Leader" title in Enterprise Performance Management. This recognition is a testament to the exceptional user recommendations, value, integrity, flexibility, and ease of integration that Unit4 consistently delivers, setting it apart as a clear industry leader. 

These awards are based upon vendor ratings from the Customer Experience and Vendor Credibility models in Dresner’s annual series of flagship Wisdom of Crowds Market Studies, and Unit4 has ranked in the upper right in both market models. 

The annual Industry Excellence Awards acknowledge vendors who have achieved leadership positions in Dresner Advisory’s 2023 Wisdom of Crowds® Analytical Data Infrastructure (ADI), Business Intelligence (BI), and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Flagship Market Studies. 

The reports gather user data and conduct a thorough analysis of each market. This analysis includes the current usage, key drivers of growth, technology objectives, and future strategies. Additionally, the reports provide an industry overview and ratings for relevant vendors. The top performers are those who have achieved leadership status in two industry-rating models that are included in each research report.

The evaluation of a vendor's technology solution through the Customer Experience model involves a thorough analysis of the experiences of those customers who work with the technology on a daily basis. At the same time, the Vendor Credibility Model compares the perceived value of a vendor's products or services against the price paid and a calculated "confidence" score to determine their credibility with customers. These models are crucial in determining the success of a vendor and should be given utmost consideration.

So, what is an EPM system?

According to the report, “An enterprise performance management system is a key element of performance management. It allows an organization to plan for the impact of various internal and external factors on its future performance and business outcomes. This includes strategic, operational, and financial planning and forecasting. EPM systems also include reporting and analytics capabilities that allow organizations to set goals and objectives and monitor performance against those objectives, as well as satisfy many regulatory and statutory reporting requirements. EPM systems can vary significantly in complexity and automation capabilities, from relatively straightforward spreadsheet replacements to sophisticated multi-user systems that support collaborative planning and provide a wide range of analytics and reporting capabilities.”

EPM systems are designed to help organizations track and manage their business performance, enabling them to make data-driven decisions quickly and efficiently. With an EPM system in place, organizations can accurately measure their progress against key performance indicators while also enabling predictive analytics to gain insight into future performance. These systems provide businesses with real-time data that can help them make informed decisions and take timely actions to optimize their performance. 

By consolidating data from various sources, EPM systems allow businesses to gain insights into their overall performance, identify trends, and highlight areas that need improvement. With this information, organizations can make strategic decisions and develop effective plans to achieve their goals. 


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Some of the benefits of Enterprise Performance Management Systems include: 

1. Enhanced decision-making: With EPM systems, organizations have access to real-time data, analytics, and reporting, enabling them to make informed decisions quickly.

2. Improved visibility and transparency: EPM systems offer greater visibility into organizational performance, including financial and operational metrics. This increased transparency can help organizations identify inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement.

3. Better alignment: EPM systems help align organizational goals with performance metrics and outcomes. This alignment ensures that everyone is working towards the same goals and that resources are allocated appropriately.

4. Increased agility: EPM systems enable organizations to be more agile by providing the flexibility to adapt quickly to changing market conditions, customer needs, and other factors.

5. Improved collaboration: EPM systems promote collaboration between different departments and teams within an organization, fostering a more integrated and efficient approach to achieving goals.

Ready to learn more? 

To learn more about the EPM market in 2023 – and how Unit4 compares to the competition, you can download a full copy of the Dresner report here

If you’d like to know more about the comprehensive suite of solutions that Unit 4 offers that empower organizations to improve their performance across the board. With Unit4 ERP, HCM, and FP&A, organizations can leverage cutting-edge analytics and reporting tools, real-time data visualization, and other powerful features to optimize their operations and achieve their goals.

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