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Unit4 FP&A has ranked high in various categories in the latest 2022 BARC Planning Survey

BARC Research are experts in business intelligence software selection and strategy and have helped thousands of companies worldwide to select software to meet their strategic requirements and deliver business benefits. Based on extensive research and proven methodologies, BARC’s vendor-independent approach helps businesses save time and money and enables them to choose the right software with confidence.

The Planning Survey 2022 is a specially produced summary by BARC of the headline results for Unit4 FP&A. It provides the reader with well-designed KPI dashboards packed with concise information, which can be absorbed at a glance.

Let’s take a look at a summary of what our customers say about Unit4 FP&A​

  • ​Voted # ONE for Flexibility across its peer groups. ​
  • Voted # ONE for Implementer Support in Financial Planning & Consolidation Focused Products and Global Vendors. ​
  • Voted SECOND in Customer Experience in Financial Planning & Consolidation Focused Products, Global Vendors, and Business Software Generalists. ​
  • Voted in TOP THREE for Planning Functionality & Ease of Use in Financial Planning & Consolidation-Focused Products, Global Vendors, and Midsize/Departmental Implementations. ​
  • 77% of surveyed users chose Unit4 FP&A because of its flexibility. Compared to 48% for the average planning tool. ​
  • 86% of surveyed users say they would recommend Unit4 FP&A. Based on the aggregate of “Definitely” and “Probably”.​
  • 88% of surveyed users rate Unit4 FP&A‘s ease of use for planners as very good or good. ​
  • 93% of surveyed users are satisfied with Unit4 FP&A. Based on the aggregate of “Very satisfied” and “Somewhat satisfied”.​
  • 95% of surveyed users rate Unit4 FP&A‘s coverage of planning-specific requirements as very good or good.​

Unit 4 FP&A vs. Excel​:

​Excel is a fantastic and reliable tool backed up by an almost ubiquitous level of user familiarity. Used well, it’s an extremely powerful and accessible modeling tool. But what do our customers have to say about Unit4 compared to Excel?

  • Unit4 is twice more likely to be recommended by those who use FP&A​
  • Unit4 is 10 X more flexible​
  • Unit4 is 3.5 X less difficult to use​
  • Unit4 is 3 X times better at handling large volumes of data​
  • Unit4 is 5 X better at getting data from different sources​
  • Unit4 is 9 X better at operating with a large number of users

Here are just some of the comments from our customers:

"Flexible planning tool or planning software that can be managed independently by the department" ​- Head of business department, Services, >2,500 employees​

"Flexibility in the data model, single point of truth, integration of all areas through decentralized planning"​ - Head of business department, Utilities, 100-2,500 employees​

"Powerful tool, self-service is at the forefront, and it fits perfectly with our corporate philosophy"​ - Head of business department, Services, 100- 2,500 employees​

"Power users can do a lot internally themselves (self-service approach). Good personal support"​ - Head of business department, Utilities, 100- 2,500 employees​

"Full administration and responsibility in specialist areas possible without IT. Very intuitive interface programming and cube creation"​ - Head of business department, Manufacturing, >2,500 employees​

BARC themselves had this to say about Unit4:

With seven top ranks and 24 leading positions across five different peer groups, Unit4 FP&A once again achieves a great set of results in this year’s Planning Survey. Convincing ratings in numerous important KPIs help to consolidate its position as a market-leading CPM platform. Companies can benefit from using Unit4 FP&A in terms of increased transparency of planning, improved integration of planning with reporting/analysis, and more precise/detailed planning. In turn, these benefits lead to a better quality of planning results for many customers. Eighty-six percent of Unit4 FP&A users say they would “definitely” or “probably” recommend their planning product to other organizations – a great indicator of customer satisfaction with the vendor and its product.

How could Unit4 help your business?

At Unit4, we create FP&A technology specifically designed for the unique needs of people-centric organizations. We take a flexible, integrated approach to cover all your organization’s financial planning needs, whether planning cash flow, managing operational budgets, or forecasting sales, costs and revenue.

Together with our next-generation ERP and HCM tools, our integrated planning solutions make budgeting more effective, efficient, and up to date, allowing you to help your people get the most out of what you can offer them so they can, in turn, contribute effectively to your organization’s goals.

trophy on first place podium

Want to know more?

To discover more, you can check out our dedicated FP&A product pages here or click here to book a demo and see what our solution can do for your organization yourself.

You can also download the full BARC Research Report here.