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Uniting for good: Unit4 celebrating Global Nonprofit Day

from  August 17, 2023 | 3 min read

This day is a reminder that positive change is not solely the responsibility of governments or charities; it is a collective endeavor with business and technology that requires the dedicated efforts of individuals committed to making a difference. In this blog, we celebrate the achievements and innovations and share stories of resilience from the nonprofit sector. 

One of the primary reasons technology companies like Unit4 value nonprofit customers is the alignment of their values and vision. This seemingly incongruous partnership is rooted in shared values, mutual benefits, and a genuine desire to positively impact society. Both entities recognize the transformative potential of technology in addressing societal challenges and driving positive change.  

Nonprofits often lack the resources to invest in the latest technologies or the expertise to implement them effectively. This is where technology companies come in, offering access to cutting-edge tools, software, and hardware that can enhance nonprofit operations. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can help nonprofits analyze vast amounts of data to uncover insights, predict trends, and optimize resource allocation. Software platforms designed specifically for nonprofits can streamline fundraising, donor management, and volunteer coordination. By providing these tools, technology companies empower nonprofits to work more efficiently and achieve greater impact.

Strategic partnerships and collaboration

The collaboration between technology companies and nonprofit organizations extends beyond transactional relationships. Many tech giants actively seek to establish meaningful partnerships with nonprofits, fostering a spirit of collaboration and co-creation. These partnerships often involve pro bono services, technology grants, and capacity-building initiatives.

Technology companies like Unit4 can leverage their expertise to assist nonprofits in leveraging digital platforms for fundraising and achieve finance and operational excellence, that directly supports program impact. In return, nonprofits provide valuable real-world insights and feedback, helping technology companies refine their products and services to better suit the needs of diverse communities.

Global Green Growth Institute standardized its finance on Unit4 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This international, intergovernmental nonprofit promoting green growth has reduced the time needed for finance approvals by 70% and cut the financial close processing time by 50%. It achieved a single, transparent version of the truth, helping it meet compliance objectives, better track project spending, and create trusted relationships with more donors.

We have the flexibility to track project financial performance in terms of impact and outcomes, as well as down to the output level. Unit4 has been transformational.” – Rainelda Ampil, ERP Team Lead, GGGI.

Read the full case study here

Save the Children International (SCI) helps children stay safe, healthy, and learning. Using a single, connected Unit4 ERP platform, the global nonprofit benefits from complete, unified financial visibility and transparency – from the moment a sum of money is raised to the moment it is spent. 

It’s no exaggeration to say that, thanks to Unit4, we can now track the pound someone donates through a television appeal right through to it being used to improve literacy in Rwanda.” – Julian McGovern, Chief Information Officer, SCI.

Read the full case study here 

Medical Teams International provides life-saving medical care for people in crisis, such as survivors of natural disasters and refugees. The organization uses a single, connected ERP platform from Unit4 to maximize resources, reduce costs, and increase accountability – ultimately driving more impactful programs. 

“With Unit4, we can break free from our legacy in-country systems, standardize our operations worldwide, and scale service delivery. This product is focused on the not-for-profit sector and has the functionality we require, and it continues to evolve with our growing needs.” – Stephe Dean, IT Director, Medical Teams International

Read the full case study here

Technology for a better world

Here at Unit4, we have an opportunity and responsibility to ensure that technology benefits people and the planet. We have a role to play in helping solve the world's challenges and recognize that we are just in the early stages of this journey. Together with professionals, public servants, and nonprofits doing good in the world, we strive to build an inclusive and sustainable society.

Our approach focused on health and well-being, education, and environmental sustainability is aligned with the world’s best plan for a better future: UN Sustainable development goals. Commitment to this journey and always striving to do good for both people and the planet is part of our company culture. That’s why we signed up to the UN Global Compact as a participant, enabling access to best practices and guidance to continue developing and strengthening our actions.

Our most notable successes so far include:

  • Unit4 Customer Forest is a program that funds small agroforestry projects in the Global South. It now has nearly 4000 trees planted together with our employees and customers.
  • More than 500 people gave their time to support charities over the past year due to our Act4Good community, using our 1% of time policy to volunteer, fundraise and engage in company-based challenges that contribute towards social and environmental causes.
  • We also brought to life our partnership with iamtheCODE, mainly through a mentoring program, where more than 50 of our people mentor girls in refugee camps in Kakuma, Kenya, to help them grow through encouragement and support.

In a world where challenges like poverty, inequality, and environmental degradation persist, a global movement of compassion, innovation, and collaboration shines brightly. Global Nonprofit Day honors the remarkable efforts of nonprofit organizations worldwide. The collaboration between solution providers and nonprofit organizations is testament to the transformative power of technology when harnessed for social good. I am proud that we are a purpose-driven business that develops technology with people and communities at the fore. It is important to everyone at Unit4 that what we do benefits the lives of people and enables organizations to achieve their missions across the globe.

Mike Ettling

CEO, Unit4

Global Nonprofit Day is a celebration of human compassion; it is a reminder that each individual, organization, and community has the power to drive positive change. We want to celebrate the tireless work of our nonprofit customers who are championing causes ranging from education and healthcare to human rights and disaster relief, animal welfare, environmental, and research.

We want to thank all nonprofit organizations for their excellent work. We are also here to help and are eager to collaborate with like-minded nonprofit organizations that share our values and mission to leverage technology for the betterment of society. If your organization is interested in exploring a potential partnership and driving positive change, we’d love to hear from you. 

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