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Improved processes mean more time spent on the mission

War Child is committed to supporting the millions of children impacted by armed conflict

War Child - the global non-profit that can now dedicate more of its time and resources to achieving its vision

The Challenge

As an international nonprofit with an ambitious mission, War Child is dependent on donors to be able to deliver services to children. It was looking to improve management’s insight into global steering information, and efficient compliance with donor reporting requirements, which grow more and more complex.

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● Nonprofit

● 450 associates

● International operations

Our Solution

Unit4 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Improve your people’s daily lives with our suite of fully integrated enterprise applications.

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Easy Reporting for Complex Demands

All program data – funding, grants, commitments, obligations – are available in real-time, with the touch of a button.

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Anytime, Anywhere

Automation removes manual intervention and the need to be on-site. People traveling around the world can do authorizations on the fly.

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Simplified System Operations

Being on the cloud takes away the headaches, worry and additional resources needed to manage the system.

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How Did Unit4 Help?

  • One system, capturing information real-time from projects around the world.

  • Highly flexible reporting.

  • Automation and workflow.

  • Cloud operations to manage the system and infrastructure.

  • Support by knowledgeable consultants.

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