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Unit4 has teams worldwide, delivering a better People Experience for our customers. Here’s what we do in Hungary to support organizations in the business of helping people.

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About us

We have many years’ experience of working with people-centered organizations in Hungary, both as an innovative, home-grown success story and as a core part of Unit4’s global organization.


Local Expertise

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Product focus: Unit4 ERP (Hungary)

Our cloud-ready ERP, optimized especially for mid-size companies, has a wide-range of regional functionality and can be implemented in a quick and flexible way without any constraints.

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Product focus: Unit4 Logistics

Unit4 Logistics has been developed for organizations in the commercial and manufacturing sectors. With our solution, your company can ensure the right capacity planning, production, inventory and warehouse management.

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Product focus: Unit4 Financials

Unit4 Financials is pioneering financial management software, which is built on a unified general ledger. With our solution, your company can rationalize and automate financial processes, so you can achieve the most effective administration available today.

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Industry Focus: Manufacturing

Our Hungary-specific cloud ERP system is an overall PLM solution for discrete manufacturers, such as high-tech electronics, car parts, industrial machinery and equipment. Our solution eliminates major implementation risks with a low acquisition cost.

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Industry Focus: Commercial

Our Hungary-specific cloud ERP system provides complex commercial constructions in order to achieve the highest possible turnover. You can swiftly respond to commercial challenges and join the world of ecommerce with up-to-date reports and real-time data.

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Industry Focus: Transport & Logistics

The transport and logistics functionality of our Hungary-specific cloud ERP system is designed to meet the needs of organizations in this industry and to address local regulatory requirements.

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Industry Focus: Service sector

With our Hungary-specific cloud ERP system, you can complete your projects on time, according to budget and achieving project goals. It also helps you to maximize profit margins, through optimal use of resources and proactive planning.

Trusted by organizations that serve people

Together with our partners, we serve customers across our region from our offices in Budapest, delivering software solutions for people- and service-focused organizations that free their people to focus on more meaningful, high-value work.

We can manage fixed assets according to financial, taxation and IFRS rules – the fact that those rules may be different doesn’t cause any problem in records. This module handles those differences with reliable flexibility.

Gergely Tóth

CFO, Rossmann

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