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Unit4 has teams worldwide, delivering a better People Experience for our customers. Here’s what we do in Poland to support organizations in the business of helping people.

About us

We have over 30 years’ experience of working with people-centered organizations in Poland, both as an innovative, home-grown success story with ERP and HR systems sold under the TETA brand, and as a core part of Unit4’s global organization. We deliver our solutions to medium and large entities in Poland.

Local Expertise

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    Product Focus: TETA HR

    TETA HR is an advanced HR system that enables comprehensive management of human resources and the service of all HR and payroll processes within an enterprise. The HR system is offered in 3 access models: SaaS, On-premise, HR and payroll outsourcing.

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    Product Focus: TETA ERP

    TETA ERP enables automation of ongoing work and streamlines processes between organizational units in the company and system users. Thanks to its wide range of functionality and flexibility, TETA ERP is individually adapted to the needs of the organization.

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    Product Focus: TETA ME

    TETA ME is a mobile application that is an integral part of the TETA HR / TETA ERP package. An advanced platform for self-service of employees to fulfil their HR needs. TETA ME is available both from static and mobile devices such as smartphone and tablet.

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    Product Focus: TETA AIR

    TETA AIR is a solution in the Software as a Service model in the private Unit4 Cloud. TETA AIR is ideal for companies that want to quickly deploy a proven HR solution without the need of additional investment in IT infrastructure.

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    Industry Focus

    In Unit4 Poland we have been successfully delivering software for medium and large enterprises in Poland, operating across all scopes of industry, for over 30 years. We also offer an ERP solution that is dedicated to Higher Education.

Trusted by organizations that serve people

For over 30 years, we have successfully delivered our solutions to over 2,000 leading large and medium-sized enterprises and institutions throughout Poland. We appreciate the trust of employees-centered companies. We incorporate IT solutions with the goals of your company that adapt to your needs, automates work and are intuitive.

We Partner with the Best

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    Unit4 Poland has an intensive policy of building relations with partners.

    We work with the world's leading IT technology suppliers, software and device manufacturers supplementing Unit4 Poland packages, as well as consulting companies and educational institutions.

Let’s talk about what People Experience means 4U.

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