Integrated CPM & Financial Planning powered by Artificial Intelligence

Unit4 Prevero provides a single corporate performance management (CPM) platform. Its integrated solutions deliver best practice out of the box and can be easily tailored further to your specific organization. With Prevero, your teams can make better, faster business decisions with total confidence in your numbers – transforming complex data into the clear insights to turn plans and ideas into action.


Today’s organizations – especially people- or service-centered ones – operate in an environment that is changing more quickly and radically than ever before.

This can make it harder to put your strategy into action, to keep track of progress, to manage risks such as regulatory compliance and to react quickly and appropriately when the need arises.

So, it is vital to give your people the tools that they need – to see, understand and act effectively – for every aspect of running your organization and realizing your plans for the future.


Unit4 Prevero gives teams and decision-makers across your organization better, faster ways to access and put your numbers to work.

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Planning, budgeting and forecasting
Financial consolidation
Data visualisation and analytics
Integrated CPM platform


Unit4 Prevero helps your people take full ownership of pursuing and realizing your CPM strategy and objectives, with:
Great flexibility
combining our wide range of CPM capabilities with a powerful platform and the ability to easily tailor to your requirements.
Smart usability
expertly designed solutions, that are also ideal for business users, without needing specialist IT experience.
Predefined best practices
for faster implementation and value delivery plus even better support for key industry needs.

Integrated CPM powered by Artificial Intelligence

Unit4 Prevero is a fully integrated CPM platform and solution suite that helps your organization to achieve its goals and your people to stay focused on what matters.

It brings together:

  • CPM Platform powered by AI
    The heart of our solution, including our innovative and intuitive approach to deployment, data integration and collection, the user interface and workflow management. Newly released functionalities using AI.
  • Apps and Add-ons
    Prevero delivers great functional depth and breadth across a range of key CPM capabilities, supplemented by additional tools that provide even better support for specific industries, roles and processes.
  • Complementing solutions
    You can also benefit from a range of Unit4 and partner products – such as our cloud ERP, financial management, professional services and education solutions – which work seamlessly with your Prevero solution.

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At Unit4 Prevero, we are driven by the single-minded aim of delivering integrated solutions that provide you with key insights to you can make better, faster business decisions.

Our global network of customers depend on our powerful Corporate Performance Management solution with rich BI capabilities to optimize all of their financial and operational functions so that greater time can be dedicated to focusing on the drivers and trends behind the data rather than the process.

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