Our latest solutions offer the best in new technology to support CFO teams in 3 key ways, helping to transform from transactional and backward-focused to inspirational and forward-driving.

Ensure compliance

Streamline and simplify complex processes, to be ready as compliance requirements evolve.

Maximize efficiency

Standardize and automate more of your transactional work and processes to make them “self driving”.

Drive performance

Unlock and harness data for more actionable insights to turn strategy into concrete plans and budgets.

  • Be ready for ever-evolving and ever more demanding compliance requirements

    Compliance requirements and regimes are constantly shifting and evolving. You can’t predict what each new change will be but you can put stronger fundamentals in place that will make your systems, processes and data even more robust and ready to deliver what is required.

    Unit4 solutions help you build in compliance from the ground up:

    • Streamlining processes to remove complexity and duplication of effort for your users.
    • Safeguarding data accuracy and security without creating separate manual work.
    • Ensuring your processes produce a single set of accurate, complete and up-to-date data:
      • Seamless integration with your other key business apps.
      • Delivering more core capabilities in our own suite, to reduce the need for users to learn and manage additional third-party solutions.
      • Innovative flexibility to customize tools and capture a wider range of more relevant data.
  • Rise to the challenge of achieving greater standardization and efficiency

    Every organization faces relentless pressure on available time and resources. It’s more important than ever to find new ways of working smarter – freeing your teams to focus on value-adding activities that will make a real difference to your organization’s success.

    Unit4 solutions help you deliver efficiency gains at all levels:

    • Removing repetitive transactional work and automating more processes to make them “self driving”. For example, capturing expenses real-time and without effort as soon as they are incurred.
    • Building standardization into your processes for fast, accurate and consistent completion.
    • Applying the latest innovation and technology to get essential data into the system – more easily, more accurately and more promptly than ever before.
  • Empower your teams to help deliver planned growth and drive performance

    CFO teams have an increasingly vital role to play in an organization’s ability to look and plan ahead. You need powerful, flexible tools that enable each person to extract the full value from your data and deliver the insights from which to make better-informed decisions.

    Unit4 solutions unlock the intelligence in your systems and data:

    • Giving your users a full suite of powerful reporting and analysis tools to gain the clearest possible understanding from which to plan and act.
    • Enabling a responsive and agile approach to performance management, through “self-service” tools that users can tailor to their specific analysis requirements, without constantly needing extra IT support.
    • Maximizing productivity by building standardization, efficiency and intelligence into every step of your performance management processes in order to convert strategy into execution and measure every relevant aspect of it.

Are you missing out?

Our solutions for the Office of the CFO are constantly moving forward, to better support a future where your teams need Finance processes that are self-driving and intelligence tools that are self-service.
Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the most recent advances. Is your organization benefitting from them yet?

What’s new in the latest version?

To better meet the needs of our customers, we have invested many hours of product development time to bring you new and enhanced capabilities.
There has never been a better time to upgrade your solution – watch our exclusive insight webinar, in which Craig Bass (Unit4 Financials Product Manager) presents the benefits of the V14 Upgrade for Unit4 Financials.
Want to unlock the benefits for your organization?
    • V14 capability highlights

    • Flexi Fields – Add unlimited business-specific dimensions to financial transactions, enabling more focused analyses, more specific KPIs and more detailed intelligence.
    • Analyzer – Visualize, analyze and understand the implications of your operating figures more quickly, for smarter plans and better-informed decisions.
    • Element Workflow – Ensure accurate element creation, control modifications and mitigate the risk of fraudulent transactions.
    • Integrated Billing module – Gain flexible handling of core billing requirements and reduced dependence on separate third-party systems.
    • Seamless integration with Unit4 Travel & Expenses – capture expenses as soon as they are incurred and have 24/7 insight in your cash flow position.
    • Seamless integration with Unit4 Performance Management (prevero) – convert strategy into action by having 24/7 insight into your performance and by aligning strategy planning, business planning and financial budgeting.
    • V14 recent releases

    • Additional functionality introduced in subsequent V14 quarterly fix and feature releases (V14- R2, R3 & R4) includes:
    • Element Anonymization. Driven by the requirement to support our customers in their efforts to meet statutory General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, this new feature will remove records of personal data from an element's history record as well as from any Audit Trail records.
    • Element groups can now be saved using the save target function in conjunction with master sharing when performed by a user logged into the provider company, simplifying and reducing the time and effort for routine maintenance tasks.
    • Copy Company within Finance now includes element flexi-field data when using copy company to copy elements, eliminating manual and time-consuming steps to complete replication of elements in a multi-company environment.
    • During the creation of a new mandate on an element master the type of mandate is now defaulted to be “Electronic”. Previously, the default was null/blank, which could cause potential issues in the pay/collect process. So, this should eliminate unnecessary time and effort spent troubleshooting issues in the pay/collect process.
    • A new scheduled task for Hierarchy Builder has been added, allowing users to schedule this process to run at a convenient time without the need for manual intervention, thereby saving valuable resource time and effort.
    • WildFly 11 is now supported by Unit4 Financials v14 from Release 4 onwards.
    • Bank Finder within Invoice Matching input has been updated to show SEPA and IBAN details, enhancing user experience and efficiency.
    • Metadata selector master vocabulary values for the “Modify” field have been updated to now include a “Forced Prompt” option. This now matches the options available in Finance and behaves the same. You are prompted for a value and it is mandatory to enter a value before continuing.
    • prevero deep link integration is now available enabling drill-back to source transaction, allowing full access to the features/functions underneath – including viewing additional detail, attachments etc. Unit4 Financials v14 integrates seamlessly with prevero via our standard API, extending the Financials suite with its best-in-class performance management capability, offering reporting as well as budgeting, forecasting and planning.
    • A third authentication method for user access. Customers can now choose from Standard logon with Unit4 Financials User, OpenID Connect/Unit4 Identity Server and now Java EE Container managed authentication for Single Sign on.
    • The COM Router has been re-implemented and enhanced for v14 R3 to support customers’ integration requirements and provide yet more integration possibilities.
    • Unit4 Financials Integration Toolkit (ITK) support. The ITK is now fully supported within Unit4 Financials v14 R3. Customers are now able to utilize this advanced integration functionality with bespoke software delivered by Unit4 and/or approved partners.
    • Java 9 is now supported for WildFly 10.1 and JBoss EAP 7 on Windows Server 2012 R2 & 2016. Customers can now confidently update their servers to the latest version of Java for additional features and security updates provided by the latest Java platform.
    • IBM i 7.3 certification. The latest version of the IBM i operating system is certified for use with Unit4 Financials v14 R3 in conjunction with IBM WebSphere Application Server Express 8.5.5 fix pack 11 and above.

  • Extend your Unit4 Financials solution

    In particular, here are a pair of additional licensed applications that are powerful ways to build upon what you can already achieve within the core Financials solution.

    • Combine Financials and Unit4 Prevero – smarter processes and augmented intelligence to boost productivity and drive performance:
      • Replace complex and error-prone spreadsheets with a single, consistent platform for consolidation, reporting, analytics, dashboards, team collaboration, integrated business planning, and financial budgeting.
      • Cover all planning horizons (short-, medium, long-term) and a wide range of categories, including: planning cash flow, managing operational budgets, forecasting sales, costs and revenue, or reporting on single entity or group financial performance.
    • Combine Financials and Unit4 Travel & Expenses – smarter, self-driving finance software and artificial intelligence to ensure compliance and boost efficiency:
      • Take the pain out of submitting and tracking expenses.
      • Use your smartphone to enter transactions and receipt images, as you go.
      • Ensure efficient and compliant processing without complex and error-prone spreadsheets.
      • Maintain complete visibility thanks to seamless integration and working.

Want to know more about what's new in Unit4 Financials V14?
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