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Balancing transformation against operating constraints in the public sector

from  November 7, 2023 | 4 min read

Transformation strategies in the public sector are running afoul of changing priorities and the constraints being placed on public sector.

The biggest challenges limiting the ability to change are:

  • Changing priorities stall change programs (40%) 
  • Leadership resists change (32%) 
  • Back-office systems inhibit agility (32%) 
  • Staff resisting change (32%)

Most organizations are experiencing pressure for more efficiencies but struggle to deliver services without tax increases. They face challenges when hiring the right people and clearing backlogs. 

Overall there has been a decline in monitoring the quality and success of services delivered. This suggests public sector organizations worldwide are struggling to cope in the current economic climate.



Over the last 24 months top 3 global changes in success measures:

  • Greater pressure to deliver efficiency savings (37%)
  • Public pressure to improve spending transparency (34%)
  • Growing central services/ shared service footprint (33%)

Organizations have 3 clear favourite methods of finding savings: 

  • Adopting lower cost solutions that deliver efficiencies through collaboration (33%)
  • Moving to a shorter working week to save salary costs (30%) 
  • Making cuts to citizen or community services (29%)

However, unless these approaches are intelligently applied, they’re only likely to cause compounding complexity and leave organizations on the back foot as we emerge into more stable circumstances.

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