COVID-19 crisis package
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COVID-19 crisis package

Nobody could have predicted just how quickly – and completely – Covid-19 changed the way we handle everyday life. Until this March, remote working was for many an element of the “future of work”. Now, it’s just work. Digital technology has gone from being an option for communication to the only way for many of us to communicate.

In these difficult times, a company’s top two priorities are obvious. They are, of course, finances and people. And we believe people are the most important.

Everyone’s talking about the need to preserve and safeguard revenue and cashflow. And it’s true – we do. But while it might come as a shock to hear it from a Chief Revenue Officer, the most important thing we need to safeguard is our people. The need to empower, engage and value the workforce has never been greater.

To help companies manage both the health and wellbeing of their people and the health and wellbeing of their finances, we’re offering versions of our employee engagement tool and out-of-the-box FP&A to companies free of charge to help get them through this COVID crisis – no strings attached.

This is our way of helping our customers and prospects emerge from this crisis stronger and more stable. We want to help companies stay engaged with their people and provide immediate support.  

Our employee engagement tool Intuo gives your people a platform where all members of the organization are able to share feedback about the company, about each other, and keep track of their achievements and objectives. Furthermore, it creates a place where training, resources, and information can be made easily accessible – ensuring everyone keeps on the same page no matter where they are.

To help you stay on top of your business’s financial health in these difficult times, Unit4’s market-leading FP&A platform aids with planning and the development of offensive and defensive financial strategies. Unit4 FP&A allows you to simulate the effects of your financial plans, using available insights to map the effects and outcomes of any proposed actions. And lets you layer outcomes for impact analysis by linking them to the measurements, events, and goals important to your organisation. All to give you the power to intelligently shift and align your plans to rapidly evolving circumstances.

Defensive and offensive strategies – more than simple scenario planning – will ultimately be what helps organizations weather the storm. Remaining flexible, staying close to customers, and thinking realistically about issues including cash flow, credit, order backlogs and inventory levels should also be part of your planning process.

We can also share a little with you about what we’re doing as a company to ensure that our own people and finances are properly looked after during this crisis. As a company that believes in and delivers “people experience”, our top priority is of course the health and safety of people. Not just our employees and their families, but our customers, partners, and communities as well. 

We’ve made home working a core part of our people strategy – including investing in upskilling, offering support and regular check-ins to make sure everyone is doing okay. We’re also leveraging our own technology to help our leaders manage their work and their needs. Developing “crisis packages” is just one example. Our professional services teams have already created a remote and virtual delivery model to meet the needs of all our customers across all operating regions. And our finance team are playing an integral role in helping their business partners explore offensive and defensive options to drive results.

Over the next few weeks and months, many of the people working with us – and with you – will be balancing their work alongside their family responsibilities in a way they’ve never had to before. It’s our shared responsibility to help them do it as best we can, and to learn and iterate our processes and practices so we get better at doing it as time goes on. After all, there’s no telling when we may get “back to normal”. In the meantime, we’re doing what we can to help organizations adjust by making the tools we’ve developed to make work and working more flexible and adaptable available to more people than ever before.

To help your organization survive in this tumultuous period, you’ll need to do everything you can to ensure that the people you rely on and the work that you do are protected, enabled, and preserved in their current state to the greatest degree possible. It’s a daunting challenge. But giving yourself access to some of the best tools on the market for staying in touch and keeping on top of rapidly evolving circumstances is a great place to start. Click here to take a look at our crisis packages for Intuo and FP&A.

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Mike Slater

Chief Revenue Officer at Unit4