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Make sure your whole organization is heading in the same direction with strategic FP&A

People need to be reminded about the vision and mission of your organization, its values, goals and achievements to date, and the measures put in place to control and monitor everything. It’s also important to convey a sense of “We’re all in this together”.

But even though you might have an organizational mission statement - and maybe even a specific FP&A mission statement - it isn’t always enough to keep everyone on the same page. The day-to-day reality of work often means we’re running into challenges and obstacles that might distract us from our goals - or even make us lose sight of them altogether.

It’s important that your whole organization maintains focus on its objectives. And the best way to do this is to have clear and legible KPIs for each or your objectives and goals, and to keep track of them within a single unified platform which acts as a single source of truth for all data.

Let us introduce you to an excellent way to ensure everyone is heading in the same direction - Unit4 Strategic FP&A, designed to help keep you and every member of your team informed as to how they’re helping your company to advance its FP&A objectives. Here’s a screenshot to show you what it includes:


As you can see, this new solution touches on each key element of your strategy, allowing you to define your values, mission, and FP&A vision statement, create and monitor goals and objectives together, establish relevant KPIs, and keep track of all your accomplishments with integrated reporting and analysis tools. All within the context of a single platform, with the confidence that the metrics you’re seeing are both applicable and accurate.


One of the biggest steps is to define your goals and sub-goals. This can be done in various departmental categories if you wish, adding objectives and clearly detailing your KPIs. It has easy-to-follow intuitive prompts; you can decide and adjust your priorities and, of course, add new ones at any time. We’ve given some FP&A goals and objectives examples above to inspire you to create some of your own that are more specific and relevant to your business and its needs.



Your team will be able to understand complex data, and quickly act on that insight to achieve better results, using the reporting and analytics functions. And they can drill down on consolidated figures by cross-linking and navigating to other information sources. In effect, this becomes merely the tip of the iceberg, below which you can find all the detailed information you need. For example, one of your financial goals might be “Increase EBITDA by 2% per annum over the next 3 years” and, to investigate this, you would link directly to your earnings data.



When you enter your business goals, you can also consider including sustainability goals. It’s easy to ‘like’ your selection of UN Sustainable Development Goals – with one click they’ll become an integral part of your strategic plan, adding alignment, credibility and higher purpose to your organization.

Want to see more from Unit4 FP&A?

We’ve created our Strategic FP&A module to help you create plans, reports, and strategic approaches that are both relevant to your business’s needs and actionable by everyone in your company. But it’s just one part of how our solution gives your people a platform to do their jobs more efficiently, effectively, and quickly.

To learn more about what our solution can do, get in touch with your account manager in our Customer Success team if you’re already using Unit4 FP&A in your organization - or click here to book a demo if you’re yet to begin your Unit4 journey.

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