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How to make your line managers great leaders

What areas of your business require the most attention? And what help do they need? Unit4 Talent Management’s Insight Module can show you.

Our Talent Management Insight Module gives you quick and easy access to your engagement and performance data. It revolutionizes how you support your line managers in a much more scalable way. Letting you interpret data using a simple traffic light system gives you the right signals to know precisely when and where you need to focus your efforts. It’s a reliable way to move your HR department from a reactive to a proactive intervention team.

Let’s see it in action.

Visualize your employee survey data with heatmaps

Our heat maps are a digestible overview of detailed engagement data gathered by the automated weekly pulse surveys our platform sends out to people across your organization. Engagement scores highlight how drivers differ from team to team, compare the results to your industry’s benchmarks, and contrast different periods to see how your teams evolve.

Split your people into relevant segments

Segmenting your people based on demographics and other attributes is simple. Heatmaps give you new insights into how your corporate initiatives influence engagement in different areas of the business, letting you concentrate on segments showing unusual results.

Use flexible segmentation attributes to allow for an unlimited range of rules to be added. Common attributes like job function, age, tenure, gender, and department aren’t your only options. You can also create more specific groups of your own – even using external data, like HRIS, Head office staff vs. client-based employees, leadership program participants, freelancers, part-timers, long-term employees vs. new joiners, or different office locations.

Combining these user segments with your heatmaps is game-changing. By giving you the power to identify specific engagement drivers that are deviating from desired results in different areas of the business, you can see which managers need help and what types of corrective action or leadership training are necessary – it’s a massive step towards a fully targeted engagement strategy. And it does this all without ever compromising the anonymity of your people. No more hours lost in complicated spreadsheets or expensive consulting firms.

Data charts visualize performance data

Our grid charts plot different performance attributes of a user group against each other. Making them helpful in assessing things like who’s at risk of leaving your organization and how that would affect your business based on their performance, making succession planning more accurate.

With insights like these, your HR team can influence employee turnover and the huge costs that come with it in only a few clicks.

Accurately battle staff churn

More importantly, the insight module lets you proactively battle employee turnover in different ways. Interpret insight alongside engagement data to figure out which drivers (job satisfaction, support for growth, relationships within the team, wellbeing, etc.) are the root cause of any flight risks. And on a more individual basis, it can be a trigger to help your HR and line managers pay attention to the right individuals and, for example, increase the number of 1on1s. 

Applying Situational Leadership

Splitting people based on tenure, then plotting this against their perceived performance lets your line managers adapt their leadership style to the individual. For instance, high-performing individuals who’ve been with the business for a long time expect much less directive leadership than new joiners. 

Shift from reactive to proactive

Our insight module taps into the value hidden in your talent data and lets you shift your focus from reactive to proactive action. This gives your line managers the insights they need to lead effectively and do so while taking into account the specific engagement and performance context of their team.

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Learn more about how Unit4 can help

To discover more about how Unit4 can help your organization with a modern and flexible approach to talent management, check out our Talent Management solution (or click here to book a demo)