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Inside Unit4

Inside Unit4 – Q&A with our Creative Team

from  September 20, 2022 | 5 min read

At Unit4, our people are at the heart of everything we do. From coming up with brilliant ideas to delivering value creatively and passionately to our customers, our people shape how we succeed. Our “People First” philosophy means that building an extraordinary environment in which our people can thrive is vital, enabling everyone to make a positive impact, with the opportunity to develop.


Our Unit4 brand is not only the visible identity of our company, it is a true representation of who we are and what we stand for as a business. Our in-house creative team is here to develop our brand’s look and help our customers, prospects, and stakeholders recognize Unit4 as a partner that shares their values and understands their needs and expectations. The team works closely with different departments across Unit4 to ensure our brand remains authentic and recognizable, while bringing a creative and artistic perspective.

For our latest Inside Unit4 Q&A, we are putting the spotlight on Unit4’s talented Creative Team – Filipa, Leonie, Mariana, Mafalda, and Pablo – who share what they enjoy most about working at Unit4, their typical day as creatives, their favorite projects to work on and more.


In conversation with Unit4's Creative team - Inside Unit4

What do you enjoy most about working at Unit4?

Filipa: I love the environment, my team, and the extended teams, which is basically all of us! I love that I get the opportunity to do creative-related work — design work, more specifically. I also love the fact that I can improve and create new processes for how we support our stakeholders and the business in general.

Mafalda: At Unit4, I found happiness at work. I have been here for a year and time just flew by. I enjoy being here not just because I love what I do daily, but because of my team and colleagues. It is also fun to collaborate on so many projects on a global scale. Also, work-life balance is very important for me, so to have the possibility to work from home with Flex4U is amazing.

Pablo: What I like most is being able to work on my creativity, developing animated visual solutions for projects that often arrive with just a block of text, and having the opportunity to tell a story in a more sensory way. Being able to accomplish this with the flexibility of managing my work time is something that makes me appreciate the process.


What is your favorite thing about being part of the Unit4 Creative team?

Mafalda: My favorite thing is the support and friendship we have. I know I can always rely on my team. Being a creative person in an IT company can be challenging at the beginning, with lots of new terminology to learn, but my colleagues really helped me to understand the business.  

Pablo: The coolest thing about working with the creative team is the exchange of information. There is always something new to learn. Sharing and seeing things from another point of view is always very enriching and at Unit4, this is highly valued.

Leonie: My colleagues! We can count on each other and, to me, this is very important. I also really like that we get to work with so many different teams across the organization.

Mariana: The people I work with. I absolutely love my team, as well as the flexibility Unit4 gives me in adapting my work to my needs. Additionally, the fact that I get to work on a variety of projects is also one of my favorite things about being part of this team.


What has been your favorite project to work on so far?

Filipa: The rebrand was certainly a big project! I had joined the team just a few months before so this was a  great challenge to tackle! There are always interesting projects to work on, but our customer event, X4U, is definitely at the top of my list.

Pablo: X4U is definitely one of my favorites too. It's always very satisfying to see our work represented on a large scale, and to witness people's reactions in real-time. It is also really rewarding to see how we have taken initial concepts forward and brought them to life.

Mariana: I really enjoy working on editorial-type projects such as white papers and brochures. Recently, I have also really enjoyed doing some illustrative work for social media campaigns and posts.

Leonie: My favorite project was getting our website - - live, working in collaboration with the Web Team. I have also enjoyed working on re-designing our email templates and landing pages, together with multiple other teams.


What is your typical day as a creative?

Filipa: I receive plenty of emails, so I try to curate the priority ones first and reply to pending meeting invites. I keep an eye on our project management tool, where I sort my to-do list and manage some of the creative team's work. I brief, direct, review, and approve what needs to be done by the whole team, and I also do design work. My calendar is often determined by the arrival of major projects.

Mafalda: I always have my work list for the day after checking our project management tool. Afterward, it depends on what type of video I have to create. I try to work on animations and motion videos when I feel inspired. If I feel stuck and don't know how to work on a particular scene, I usually work on editing, and I know eventually, inspiration will come. Editing is my happy place, so sometimes, I can be working on some animations for a customer video and balance that with a quick webinar edit, just to shift my creativity and thinking. During the day, I always make time to go to the gym and walk my dog, Cookie.

Mariana: Every day is different, depending on the projects we are working on. Some days are mostly dedicated to working on banners for social media, whereas others can focus mainly on designing documents, and on other days I get to do a bit of everything!

Leonie: My day starts with opening up our project management tool to see if any new creative requests are scheduled. When that is sorted, I start to work on the ones scheduled in for that day. My day mainly consists of creating imagery, and helping with the design of emails and all kinds of other digital assets such as blogs and web pages.


Do you have any passion projects outside of Unit4?

Pablo: My family. It is my priority to be together and share my free time with them. I also like running, cycling, surfing, skateboarding, and jiu-jitsu. The great trophy of life is to be able to maintain balance in the best possible way, and I feel that Unit4 allows me to do this.

Mariana: Quite a few, but it mainly comes down to baking and running! I've always been a reasonable baker, but have developed quite a lot throughout the years, and during the pandemic, I discovered running. It really helped me through a very tough period and now I can proudly say I've completed three half marathons and three 10k races, and have signed up for a few more!

Filipa: My passion project is my free time! No particular passion but I try to enjoy what my free time can offer me and that could look like traveling, movies, food, plants, or swimming.

Leonie: I like to go hiking when the sun is out. If not, I enjoy gaming and I try to keep up with all the content Marvel puts out there, which has become a project in its own right!

Mafalda: I love video editing and I am a complete film buff. I try to go to the movies twice a week and at home, I'm always watching something. It is like research for me - even in the worst films, there is always something to learn. I want to make a documentary eventually. I also draw a lot.


What are you most excited about for the future at Unit4?

Mafalda: I am excited about my personal development within the company, and I’m also looking forward to creating some great videos! During the past year, I believe we have accomplished a lot and we will continue on that path to produce even better videos.

Pablo: I believe that people and companies have to adapt to our new reality, utilizing more advanced technology and automation. I think Unit4 has been doing fantastic work around this, always taking into account the “People First” mindset. This is the future of work, and it’s very exciting.

Leonie: Continuing to grow and work with all the people I have met so far and have yet to meet. It would also be great to see my colleagues in person a bit more often in the future.

Filipa:  I can say that many positive changes have happened since I joined Unit4, and with the company being on an expansion and growth journey, I look forward to seeing what the future holds for us. On a more personal level, I am excited to see our creative team grow and become even more impactful. 


Our growing cloud company is hiring in a range of new roles across multiple departments. If you are interested in joining the team and being part of the global Unit4 family, head to our careers site to explore our current opportunities, and to learn more about working here: 

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