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Inside Unit4

Inside Unit4 – Q&A with our Global Engineering Organization

from  June 7, 2022 | 6 min read

At Unit4, our people are at the heart of everything we do. From coming up with brilliant ideas and concepts to delivering value creatively and passionately to our customers, our people shape how we succeed as a company. Our “People First” philosophy means that we make sure to deliver an extraordinary environment for our people, enabling them to really contribute to the business and have a positive impact on their teams, as well as on the people we serve as a business.  


As a software company that is steadily growing and developing, our Engineering Organization is one of our most essential pillars.

True to Unit4’s culture and values, our Global Engineering Organization emphasizes innovation, collaboration, customer-centricity, and collective responsibility. This team puts quality into everything it does to leave a positive impact on our customers and partners who trust us and our technology every day.

As a group, they focus on building for the future with the latest technologies and architectures, they push boundaries by innovating and solving problems to be better every day and, of course, they deliver on their promises.

In this latest Q&A with our Global Engineering Organization, we sat down with Eugenio, Łukasz, Lisa, Vanesa, Daniel, and Michał. They shared their thoughts on what it’s like to work at Unit4, their teams’ approach to product innovation, and how being part of the big Unit4 family fits with their personal and professional goals and ambitions.

In conversation with our global Engineering Organization

What gets you excited about coming to work at Unit4 every day?

Eugenio: One of the things I like the most about my job at Unit4 is working on innovative projects using the latest cloud technologies and learning from my colleagues on a daily basis. I’m so lucky to share my time with such talented and experienced people.

Michał: I would say the possibility to work on software with the “Cloud-first” mindset. I am able to use my knowledge for current technologies, instead of sitting in a software stack that was modern a decade ago. Interesting challenges in terms of DevOps automation are also an important factor.

Daniel: There are two main things that get me excited about working every day at Unit4. The first is the people I work with. They are always willing to help with a smile on their faces and it creates a great work environment that motivates me. The second is that we are always working on new and interesting projects. This encourages me to keep improving and to learn new skills. It is very satisfying to see that you are part of the design of a solution that becomes real and useful for people.


What about Unit4’s approach to product innovation and design -is it different from other companies?

Daniel: Putting ourselves in the customer's shoes is something that Unit4 can be proud of. We focus on receiving feedback from customers which, in turn, helps us develop valuable products. In addition, by embracing the microservices philosophy, we are able to deliver these products faster and with higher quality.

Vanesa: As per my experience, the product design cycle at Unit4 involves different roles and stakeholders, from definition to delivery, which is key to creating the right solution. Also, quality is essential in the development process. And, most importantly, after the launch of ERPx, we can quickly adapt our offering to changes in business needs.

Lisa: Unit4 has always taken the initiative to change. We have always managed to ride the tide of technologies, moving ahead of our industry. Whenever a new technology arises, or a new trend occurs, there will always be internal discussions, evaluations, then strategy developments. We have regular innovation competitions and brainstorming sessions internally. As an engineer, this means there are always new technologies to explore which helps us to stay competitive.


What influenced you to join Unit4?

Michał: Kudos to both the recruiter who scouted me and my current manager. My recruiter was able to catch my attention with an unusual and attractive recruitment offer – and then my manager was able to easily convince me that the team I would be joining is doing very challenging and interesting work, which got me curious enough to give it a try. And a few years later, I am still here!

Eugenio: The ability to work in a flexible, international, and innovative environment was always an asset for me. Teamwork was also really important, and I’m proud of the way all of our people collaborate within the company.

Łukasz: I had been looking for a place where I could work with new technologies and with people from many different locations. This is what Unit4 provides, in addition to supporting my curiosity for cloud technology, perspective for self-development, and career growth.

Lisa: I have been working at Unit4 for exactly 10 years. From the start, our ERP system was already prominent and had a great reputation in Norway. I was very proud to join the core engineering team. The two engineers that interviewed me back then, are still my colleagues. They keep inspiring me to this day and have become great friends over the years.


What opportunities for career growth and development have been available to you?

Eugenio: I feel I’ve had (and still have) plenty of opportunities to grow in many ways. I have been with Unit4 for more than nine years now. I joined as a developer, and was then given the opportunity to evolve through different technical roles and, today, I’m a Lead Architect. Looking back, Unit4 always supported me in the direction I wanted to follow.

Łukasz: I started working here as a Software Engineer. After a while, I was promoted to a more senior position and then to Principal Software Engineer. Currently, my job title is Architect, which gives me continuous opportunities to develop and improve my skills.

Lisa: Unit4 recognizes talent and effort, and respects personal preference in career choices. Over the years I have had many open discussions with my manager, which have resulted being given different options in engineering and management. In the end, my personal interest remains in technology and engineering. We are also provided with free learning portals and courses and encouraged to set aside hours specifically for learning. A personal growth plan is also set up and followed throughout the year, which enables me to continually develop.

Daniel: Since the beginning, I have always had transparent conversations with my manager. This has allowed me to be aware of each opportunity available, from training to conferences. Being able to take the lead when a new problem occurs has also been a great help to gain valuable experience.


How does Unit4’s journey fit with your personal goals and ambitions?

Łukasz: I strongly believe in a quote that says 'never settle', especially in terms of development, not only in our daily life but also in business. This is what Unit4 does - we continuously improve and make our products better in order to meet the current expectations of the market and our customers.

Daniel: The eagerness to be always improving fits very nicely with my own personal goals and ambitions. Besides, I feel comfortable with the Unit4 values. I like to apply them in my daily life, so that the transition from working and personal life is smoother and easier.

Vanesa: I am a curious person who loves autonomy and needs to work with and for people. Thus, I can say that Unit4 is just “right for my business”. I am constantly learning and facing new challenges. I feel part of a team that shares a common purpose while having the freedom to do it my way. And, on top of this, I am given the time and space to contribute to the Women’s Network and Act4Good initiatives and make an impact.


What are you most excited about for the future at Unit4?

Michał: I am mostly interested in deployment automation at the moment. I am really curious to observe how our company will proceed with scaling development and continuous delivery for multiple microservices at the same time.

Vanesa: In the last couple of years, our organization has been transforming from an established on-premise company to an innovative cloud business, meaning great opportunities ahead.

Lisa: We have strong decision-makers, well-thought-out strategies, and excellent executors here. I have great trust in Unit4’s future to grow. As an engineer, I just need to indulge in my exploration of solving technical issues at hand. With our latest ERPx solution, Unit4’s potential to reach a larger customer base and to expand to more countries on more continents is great. I am pleased to be part of that journey.


Our growing cloud company is hiring in a range of new roles across multiple departments. If you are interested in joining the team and being part of the global Unit4 family, head to our careers site to explore our current opportunities, and to learn more about working here:


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