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IT and software consultancies can win more business and drive service excellence

from  March 27, 2023 | 4 min read

When IT and software consultancies look for software to help their firms deliver service excellence, they need to find the right partner organization that understands their market and their challenges with specially designed solutions that reduce the administrative burden on their teams and deliver a better people experience.

At Unit4, we build partnerships with our customers so that they can build trust and transparency with their own customers. Our purpose-built solutions and 40+ years of experience with people and project-centric firms mean we can provide finance and HR teams the tools to forecast accurately through uncertain times and increase billable hours. This then frees your people to spend more time focusing on what matters – helping your customers realize value through the right technology.

While there will always be challenges for all industries, we make it our business to understand yours, and we know that right now, your priorities will be based on some of the leading accelerating trends, such as:

Increasing agility

If IT and software consultancies are to respond quickly to market needs and new ways of working, offering new services, and staying profitable, they need the agility of cloud-based technology.

Single source of truth

If firms are to capitalize on this agility, they need a single, reliable source of financial and resource data truth so they can effectively manage the increasingly complex services they offer while being able to track and report on projects in a way that maximizes resource utilization.

Reducing the admin burden

Billable time is often lost due to the clunky, disconnected systems and spreadsheets that are holding so many firms back. A suite of integrated solutions reduces the time spent on admin and eliminates errors, especially those from version control.

Finding and attracting top talent

Finding and retaining the best talent is not easy in today’s market. Competition is fierce, and once recruited, keeping people engaged and happy is essential. Having the right tools in place enables firms to maintain a working environment that attracts and supports top talent allowing them to add value and thrive.

Why Unit4 is the perfect partner for IT and software consulting firms

  • We help you to build an agile strategy to win more business with real-time, centralized data for strategic planning and bid selection.
  • We help you to plan profitable projects more easily and accurately with comprehensive people, resources, and budget planning tools.
  • We help you to execute and bill with precision with intuitive invoicing, easy external app integration, and natural language assistance.
  • We help you to monitor projects and optimize resources with smart analytics, engagement tracking, and easily adaptable workflows.
  • We help you to deliver projects on time and on budget with optimized performance analysis and post-project pulse surveys.
  • We help you to recruit, retain, and grow a digitally empowered workforce with AI-enabled recruiting and engagement tracking.

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Executing the digital transformation strategy

As customer habits change, firms need to change the way they operate. Innovation is key, as is finding new operating models and leveraging emerging technologies. Looking first at the strategic business goals and outcomes, and then the challenges and solutions, helps to ensure the smooth execution of the digital transformation strategy:


1. Enable common ways of working across organizations​

Disharmonized processes and several stand-alone systems increase the cost of ownership and create IT inefficiencies. ​Using one ERP improves productivity with streamlined processes and workflows. It also enables the smooth planning and delivery of global projects across the whole company, with the ability to follow up revenues and costs with a single truth, all in one place.

2. Shift Finance focus from​ transactional to strategic work

If current systems require a lot of manual effort and are siloed, automating processes will lead to the focus being on adding value and winning more business with centralized data for strategic planning and bid selection.

3. Empower people ​and project managers​ with powerful tools and real KPIs​

If reporting is not real-time, is limited, or is inaccessible, and HR feels like a completely standalone​ function, strong reporting and embedded HR and talent management tools will empower people to work more strategically with optimized performance analysis.

4. Improve user experience​

Outdated technology negatively affects the retention and attraction of critical talent. Efficient self-service in Unit4 ERP allows people to access all tasks and information from one place. A people platform with new technology​ will significantly improve user experience, and when people have the right tools for their roles, attraction, and retention follow seamlessly.

5. Reduce errors with less manual intervention​

Finance errors lead to overspending and negative employee experience. ​Automation capabilities reduce errors in financial data and enable IT consultants to plan and execute more profitable projects as well as bill more precisely.

To summarize the main benefits of the Unit4 industry model:

  • Specialist knowledge of IT consultancies – we understand your industry and have built tailored solutions to suit your needs.
  • Fast time to value – a fast, easy implementation process means benefits are realized fast.
  • Improved data integration – flexibility to integrate with multiple changing technology stacks to unify data and drive service excellence.
  • Future-proofing technology – we are committed to investing in technology to ensure our service meets the changing needs of IT and software consultancies.
  • Satisfy your clients and retain talent – user-friendly digital experiences that meet the rising standards of the digital era.

Unit4 solutions for IT and software consultancies will enable your organization to unify operational excellence in your front and back offices. We can integrate your front office projects with the ‘engines’ of your back office - Financials, Procurement, Planning, and Human Resource Management, all of which are supported by powerful workflow and reporting capabilities.

Click here to download our interactive eBook that will give you all the information you need to understand how Unit4 can help your organization.

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