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Unit4 ERP 7.7 is released

from  December 15, 2020 | 3 min read

It’s been a busy year at Unit4, and we’ve made some amazing advances across our ERP. So what have we been up to?

Already on Unit4 ERP 7? Then you’re already on 7.7.

We’ve updated to ERP 7.7, and there’s some exciting things happening. And if you’re on ERP 7, there’s no need to upgrade to get the ERP 7.7 enhancements.

Your platform remains constant, so you can introduce our latest advances straightaway, with no development. Even localizations and add-ons are available.

But what are the advances in ERP 7.7 you can look forward to?

Project Financing

Project Financing lets you set your rules for invoicing multiple customers/clients that are financing a single project.

The enhanced functionality for project financing on the web replaces existing desktop functionality to deliver more accurate billing to one or more customers/clients, a better overview and validation of funding details, and enhanced user experience.

Project invoice base calculation enhancements

Update all the selected invoice lines’ prices in the invoice base in one go.

You can also recalculate invoice lines based on a write-up/down of the subtotal amount. We’ve even boosted the invoice base window’s response time to improve the experience.

These new capabilities will allow you to:

  • Update invoice prices or subtotals faster
  • Make instant changes to high volumes of data
  • Save time preparing the invoice

Timesheet narratives

Give customers the full picture behind the time worked/invoiced.

Users can now add longer narratives to timesheet entries per assignment. Providing more detailed specifications of work performed, different descriptions of work performed by task, and more accurate invoice specifications.

Note: Timesheet narratives at the moment can only be entered via the timesheet webservice and maintained via the invoice base. They’re not available in the Timesheet entry UI yet.

Mass update of timesheets

Update multiple timesheet transactions​​ in one go and move multiple lines from one project/work order/activity to another or from a non-billable project assignment to a billable one.

More efficient timesheet maintenance and better visibility of the proposed change before confirming due to an improved view of the update proposal.

Revenue recognition 1.4

Revenue recognition 1.4 lets you open up for expert judgment or assessment before revenue recognition.

It supports 3rd party integrations holding project master data and contract information. Letting you specify how to post​/allocate the revenue. And it’s an out of the box solution that supports compliance to accounting standards for revenue recognition and increases the flexibility of the current capabilities.

Integration as a Service: Integration Kit

Integrate independently designed applications with Unit4’s Integration Kit.

As part of the Unit4 People Platform, Integration Kit delivers low/no-code Integration as a Service. The benefits are integration on a low-code/no-code basis, end-to-end control over integrations, and letting different customers subscribe to one integration flow.

Requisition Experience Pack 2.2

Provide a simple, quick and intuitive purchasing experience.

In the Requisition Experience 2.2 the major enhancement relates to the ability to Punch-out to external markets. This means a change of the existing behavior so now when you open an external marketplace it’s no longer embedded in Unit4 ERP tab, but instead now it’s open in a new browser tab.

The update also includes a new Compare button icon and Undo Comparison button, improved cost category descriptions in the purchasing setting section. As part of our integration strategy we also has extended the Requisition API with new capabilities for form products. 

SmartRecruiters Integration

SmartRecruiters is an enterprise recruitment system and now has an ERP integration. It gives you recruitment capabilities as part of the HCM offering. These include position data synchronization, applicant tracking, capturing and approving new hires into your ERP.

If you need to upgrade, we are here to help

For Unit4, all future developments going forward will be on either ERP7 or ERPx. So if you’re still running Milestone 6 (or lower) of our ERP, it might be time to upgrade to 7 or go full cloud and experience all the functionality via the web.

But whichever path your organization chooses, we are here to help. Help with your upgrade, help plan your digital transformation, or help implement the latest innovation. We know every organization works to their own timescales, and rest assured we will continue asking for your feedback, evolving the products and supporting you.

If you are already a Unit4 customer, please click below to watch the on-demand webinar recording on Community4U

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Photo of Claus Jepsen, Unit4 Chief Product and Technology Officer

Claus Jepsen

Unit4 Chief Product and Technology Officer

I’ve been fascinated by technology since age 14: from my first Tandy TRS Model 1, through to developing cloud-based, super-scalable solutions and bringing innovative technologies such as AI, chatbots, and predictive analytics to ERP. We really can now have better, non-invasive and pervasive solutions — to improve People Experience and help us focus on what we truly love.

My spare time is spent with family and friends. I can often be found road biking to stay in shape, and I love experiencing different cultures through traveling.