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Organizations know SaaS Maturity matters, so why are they waiting?

from  December 10, 2020 | 2 min read

The benefits of working in the cloud have never been more apparent than in 2020. And the companies who have been there longest are benefitting most. So what is holding others back?

Why SaaS Maturity matters

For organizations who made their move to SaaS ERPs in the cloud before 2020, managing a disjointed and remote workforce through a pandemic has been at the very least manageable. These established solutions are enjoying considerable benefits and fewer issues. And their people already know how to use them and can use them anywhere with very little support.

These companies are remote and robust, and so are their solutions. They are making savings and reducing operating expenditure. They are also more agile and productive, and it shows right now. But most importantly, during a crisis, they are making people’s lives simpler and safer.

And these benefits have become more prominent in such a changeable and uncertain business climate.

But how many companies are really in this fortunate position and why are some organizations still on the fence?

How mature is your SaaS ERP?

In a recent study, we asked 150 organizations about their SaaS migration journeys, and it had some interesting findings.

The maturity level across the organizations we spoke to varied dramatically. While 29% had fully implemented their SaaS ERPs, a further 32% were still working through the roll-out phase, with many more in the planning and testing stages.

You can read the full findings of this research here.

What is standing in the way of Saas Maturity?

There are several common challenges facing organizations wanting to migrate to a SaaS ERP. The necessary investment of time, talent and money are familiar to all organizations regardless of where they are on their journeys.

Fear of moving away from legacy ERP solutions is another fear for many. However, many of these outdated solutions have buckled under the pressures thrown at them this year. Meaning the challenges 2020 has presented have accelerated the need and desire to move away from these inadequate systems.

Why SaaS Maturity matters?

For most organizations using SaaS ERPs successfully, there is no doubt that these elastic cloud platforms and applications are essential to remaining so successful in the digital economy.

What is more, the challenges are still there, even for the organization mid-way through their journeys, but the incentive to overcome them has significantly increased. COVID-19 has brought forward cloud migration plans for many businesses and our research contributors were no exception to the general trend.

For a massive 84%, shifting their organization's ERPs to a SaaS solution is only one part of broader people and process cloud transformations. This suggests that ERP SaaS migration is about much more than technical nuts and bolts and simple data transfer and storage. Or about merely benefiting from the numerous efficiencies it offers. Instead, it is becoming part of companies’ cultures and helping them bring them together, no matter where they are. In addition to these challenges, ERP SaaS migration is also about people, practice and culture.

cloud with stairs on blue background

To find out more about the importance of SaaS maturity, you can download our latest research, “Inside Modern: Enabling Transformation in People and Processes,” here. And uncover why so many decision-makers are moving to the cloud to make organizational change happen.

You can also watch the on-demand webinar on the same topic by clicking below.

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Claus Jepsen

Unit4 Chief Product and Technology Officer

I’ve been fascinated by technology since age 14: from my first Tandy TRS Model 1, through to developing cloud-based, super-scalable solutions and bringing innovative technologies such as AI, chatbots, and predictive analytics to ERP. We really can now have better, non-invasive and pervasive solutions — to improve People Experience and help us focus on what we truly love.

My spare time is spent with family and friends. I can often be found road biking to stay in shape, and I love experiencing different cultures through traveling.