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Unit4 FP&A remains a leader in Dresner: Wisdom of Crowds EPM Market Study 2022

Dresner’s annual Wisdom of Crowds Eterprise Performance Management market study is one of the most authoritative reports out there – compiling over 100 pages of objective analysis of the market, its trajectories, and individual vendors and their products. It’s our second year of participation, and we’re pleased to say we’ve been named a leader in the space.

Here’s a few of the highlights from this year’s report.

The top 3 planning priorities remain unchanged from last year

Annual financial budgets, cash-flow forecasting, and headcount planning remain the most important concerns across the board – though strategic planning continues to rise through the ranks, taking the fourth position for the first time this year.

In line with this, while 43% claim to have increased forecasting frequency in response to COVID-19 (with 41% focusing more on KPIs and business drivers), 41% claim nothing much has changed. Even in times of crisis and change, the fundamentals apply.

EPM usage is up – with smaller firms eager to close the gap.

Current use of EPM technology is up 3% from last year to 54%. And although most of the adoption is coming from large and very large organizations, small organizations aren’t far behind. Openness to adopting enterprise performance management is up to 44% (from 37%) compared to last year.

Although EMP is viewed as important, it takes time to become established

Despite this, younger organizations are more likely to view EPM as an important technology. Adoption and importance ratings vary by industry – and this with lower adoption rates tend to view EPM as less important than others.

Smaller organizations are also most likely to prefer to buy EPM solutions from their ERP vendor – while younger organizations tend to prefer solutions from specialist vendors with strong partnerships with their ERP vendor.

But what does the report have to say about Unit4? Well…

Unit4 FP&A is a Leader

Specifically, we’re an Overall Leader in the Customer Experience Model, and a Trust Leader in the Vendor Credibility Model.

We believe this scoring reflects our commitment to helping our customers achieve success and excellence across every aspect of their operations. Our Trust Leader ranking also represents the “value of our values” and our commitment both to people first and authenticity in our relationships with everyone we work with, and in the way we build and deploy our solutions.

Unit4 FP&A is a 5/5 recommended product by our customers who participated in the survey

This maintains our perfect score from last year. We’re very proud of this scoring which we believe showcases our commitment to our customers, their organizations, and their ongoing missions.

Unit4 FP&A is also ranked above the industry average compared to other vendors in many metrics

Specifically, we rank above the pack in terms of:

  • Reliability (because our customers rely on us to get the job done, we’re very happy with this ranking)
  • Usability and Customization (“User Experience” isn’t just a fashion statement for us – People Experience is core to what we offer as a company, and is built into every aspect of our products.)
  • Ease of installation and Overall Deployment Support (this reflects our commitment to making implementation effortless through our Industry Models – which halve the industry average time for implementation.)
  • Responsiveness to Customer Queries (once again echoing our commitment to customer success – our teams are laser focused on helping the people we work to do better things through our platforms.)

Ready to learn more?

To learn more about the enterprise performance management market in 2022 (including insights from your peers in how they’re prioritizing their digital investment, the way the market is evolving, and how you can leverage these developments to stay ahead of the curve) and how Unit4 FP&A performs against the competition, download this excerpt from Dresner: Wisdom of Crowds EPM Market Study 2022  now.

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