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We understand frustrations over cumbersome tasks that take away valuable time from the more important aspects of your business. At the same time, we recognise hesitations to adopt a new system because of the complexities associated with most technologies. Our software enable your organisation's human resource office to take advantage of new digital capabilities but make the process as seamless an experience as possible.

Dedicated solutions for specific processes

Unit4 Prosoft HRMS - Best-in-class regional HRMS

  • APAC’s preferred Human Resource Software Management System  
  • Winner of HRM Asia's Readers Choice for Best Leave Management System
  • Designed for the Speed of Business

Increased Capabilities, Reduced Administrative Tasks

With Prosoft HRMS, increase capabilities to handle human resource management tasks with sharp toolsthat enable them to plan, schedule, and record work, build on talent, and perhaps more significantly, reduce administrative burden.

To ensure your employees’ personal information is safe, this human resource database management system provides layers of protection, from stringent password protection to separation of critical data, such as medical records.

Enhanced Efficiencies, Better Tracking

The HR/Payroll Outsourcing leverages Unit4’s expert knowledge. The built-in system modules streamline processes for payroll, calculating tax amounts, administering benefits and generating reports.

With our ERP solution, your organisation can comply with complex tax regulations, and keep up with changes.

We have also developed HR/Payroll Outsourcing to work seamlessly with Prosoft HRMS, which provides effective tracking each time your organisation sees a change in personnel. From new employees joining the company to employees submitting claims, your HR management will have the information they need, when they need it most.


HR & Payroll solutions for fast-changing, people-centric organisations

Unit4 Business World – integrated personnel management and administration at the heart of your ERP, By HR Software Malaysia supporting your HR Hire-to-Retire cycle


Dedicated solutions for specific territories

Our internationally available solutions are complemented by various regional products and services that are available from one or more of our teams around the world. These offer an even broader range of support for the requirements of customers in specific sectors and locations or with specialised business processes. View Unit4 solutions from other regions.

Comprehensive Support from Hire-to-Retire Cycle

At the heart of Unit4 Business World is a comprehensive support system that changes along with the scale of your business. Built with functions that are accessible and intuitive for everyday human resource managers,ongoing updates and adjustmentsare made by your organisation, for your organisation—down to the specifics.

What’s more, our ERP suiteis available internationally, and complemented by different regional specialisations, because we believe that the growth of your business is not limited by geography.

Unit4 HR Outsourcing 
HR and Payroll Outsourcing keeps your workforce focused on the important jobs.

Leverage on Unit4's expert knowledge in Human Resources to deliver reliable and compliant processing of payroll, claims and leave management.

HR/Payroll Outsourcing is delivered through Prosoft HRMS, a system familiar to most in the market, for a seamless experience in effective tracking.

Supporting organisations like yours

  • "The HR team is confident and comfortable working with the friendly and competent Unit4 consultants, who are always ready to go the extra mile for us!"

    Yap Chui Chin, HR Manager of Golden Village Multiplex Pte Ltd

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  • "We are very happy to use the Prosoft HRMS system, as it solves the challenges we face today and keeps us ready for the demands on our team that we anticipate in the future."

    Michael Lim, HR Director of SingEx Holdings Pte Ltd.

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  • "There are many improvements to our HR processes, but what is really significant is that our employee relations have improved as we are now more transparent with them than we were before. They feel valued and are benefiting from training and smooth appraisal procedures. We are continuously reviewing and updating our HR policies and they are being adopted universally across the company."

    Wayne Ho, COO of SSTC

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  • “The rationalization of legacy systems and integration of HR, payroll and the general ledger underpins considerable organizational flexibility. We can make changes once, rather than multiple times with little or no disruption to the business. It has also driven considerable labor and ICT cost savings and improved the speed and integrity of our Payroll.”

    - Head of ICT Services, New Forest District Council

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  • "All in all, Unit4 has delivered and we have a powerful financial and business solution that helps us to adapt to organization changes as well as those in wider world."

    Group Director of Finance and Company Secretary, The Conservation Volunteers

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  • "Unit4’s low-cost, easy-change way to support these organizational changes has allowed us to improve both our top and bottom line."

    Controller, Waiward Steel

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  • "Our Unit4 solution is the sole foundation for our entire group of more than 8,000 employees at 150 locations."

    - CIO, Bravida

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Can we help?

Unit4 develops and delivers human resource management applications that are ideally suited to people- or service-focused organisations – whether public sector, private sector or NGO and Non-profit sector – that operate in a state of frequent and dynamic change.

Whether you are looking for core HR and payroll systems, dedicated stand-alone applications or a complete people management suite, our solutions provide smarter facilities for employees and end-to-end support for HR teams to better manage every stage in the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to retirement, no matter what changes along the way. With unrivalled agility to handle fast-changing organisational demands, evolving corporate structures or new legislation, your team will gain the best possible support and insights to both perform its day-to-day duties and add value to your organisation’s efforts to pursue its strategies and achieve its goals.

Why are we better?

Unit4’s HR solutions are designed from top to bottom to empower the people who use them: from smarter employee engagement (with more responsive, streamlined and intuitive services and systems), through to more effective and agile support for the HR team, enabling them to understand, respond to and help deliver essential ongoing change for the organisation.

Our integrated suite of solutions is a huge improvement on traditional, separate, insular HR systems, which often require expert assistance and duplicated manual work whenever something in the organisation changes. We make it easy for you to shape each of our applications to the exact requirements of your organisation, and our unique IT system architecture means that employee updates only need to be made in just one place, which is more efficient, consistent and accurate. When change happens, you can always keep your data and processes in step, by easily adapting and updating the system yourself, to reflect any new structures and procedures.