Unit4 HR/Payroll Outsourcing Services put our expert knowledge at your disposal, It manages payroll processing, calculates tax amounts, administers benefits and produces reports.

Key Benefits

Our Personnel, Leave, Claim and Payroll outsourcing modules complement each other and keep track of every employee’s wages.

  • A cost-effective solution
    It rapidly lowers your headcount for payroll.
  • Expert knowledge
    Our experts guarantee compliance of your complex and ever-changing tax regulations.
  • Conserve resources
    It eliminates mundane functions so your payroll employees can be assigned value-adding tasks.  
  • Increase efficiency
    Our dedicated payroll service effectively maintains your HR records, staff details, annual leave, absence, payroll and benefits. 

End-to-end support for your processes

Unit4 provides Personnel, Leave, Claim and Payroll outsourcing solutions.

These unique modules are correlated to each other and enable the tracking of each employee’s payroll in relation to their leave taken, claim submission and new employee status before issuing monthly wages to employees. For example:

• A new employee joins a company; the HR department will notify our administrator, who will key the relevant employee data into the system and, thus, effectively facilitate pay-processing.

• An employee takes unpaid leave via the Prosoft HRMS leave system, which in turn is linked to payroll processing and will accurately reflect this in his/her salary statement.

• An employee submits a claim; our administrator will take account of this claim, upon final approval online, and credit this payment accordingly.


Carlson Hotels Asia Pacific Pty Ltd

"Unit4 deals with clients in a professional and polite way."

MSD International GmbH

"I am very satisfied with the services provided by Unit4, which is prompt in response as well as follow-up."

SOL Limited (Singapore Branch)

"I am very satisfied with the service provided by Unit4. very diligent & very committed to meet the monthly payroll deadline."



Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation

"Polite, helpful & reliable. Good knowledge of payroll, CPF & tax."

Roche Singapore Technical Operations Pte Ltd

"Unit4 is professional and able to provide relevant payroll advice at times. Approachable and able to understand client's payroll needs well."

Soitec Singapore Pte Ltd

"Willingness to try and work with us on new issues. Follow up when issues are raised."