Outsourcing HR Tasks

How Can Outsourcing HR Tasks Help HR Professionals to Do More?

Posted by  Marco Rolla

In the modern workplace, the office of Human Resources is responsible for operating in many roles and arbitrating complex interpersonal concerns. The days of "simple" health-plan management and payroll clerking are behind you. In the era of human-capital management, you need to figure out how to free up the time necessary to unlock your own professional capabilities. Here are five ways that technology outsourcing can help:

1. Increasing Data Accuracy

Compliance is a primary source of HR challenges, but you're likely to feel stifled at every turn by the legacy of inefficient manual processes. When others enter data mostly by hand and the program must process multiple sources of human input, you'll struggle to compile and analyze the information you require. Even worse, your data usually spreads out across multiple different systems with no easy way for you to unify it to meet your organization's larger needs.

To move beyond the "bad, old days" of spreadsheet databases and manual processes, you need a technology solution that help you break down data silos and bring all your operations under a single roof to boost data accuracy while expanding your capabilities.

2. Freeing Up Time for Strategic Thinking

When data management consumes your daily workload, you have no time to glean real insight from that information. By unifying your data, an outsourced, best-fit technology solution can give you the hours in the day you'll need to look toward the road ahead. Additionally, powerful analytics tools that work in real-time can give you a window into both the past and the future that allows you to spot notable trends and identify potential pain points before they've occurred.

3. Fighting Interpersonal Fires

Conflicts and friction between employees is a frequent time drain for HR. Still, even in an area as messy and emotion-driven as interpersonal conflict, technology can give you the insight you need to manage problems efficiently and effectively. By maintaining detailed employee records, you can spot patterns in interpersonal conflict to identify repeat offenders or recurring problems. This data overview will help you stop the negative patterns and craft high-value, workforce-conduct policies that might prevent such conflicts in the future.

4. Managing Employee Churn

Your HR staff often must make up for shortcomings in other areas of your organization, particularly with dissatisfied employees. Whether you face those who have anger about workplace conditions, unhappiness with management or simply boredom, you need to be able to present productive, forward-thinking solutions to troubled employees.

With best-fit HR software, you can maintain robust systems that allow you to track and monitor employee performance as it happens, identifying churn-inducing pain points immediately. Additionally, human-capital management, or "HCM," technology can boost your mentorship capabilities. It helps you craft career goals for employees, letting them feel that their time in your organization has a clear path to success and achievement.

By letting you serve as the human voice of your organization, technology empowers HR to create a genuinely collaborative work environment, boosting employee engagement in every department.

5. Unifying Workforces

The modern workplace is often diverse to an unprecedented degree. As globalization advances, you'll need to find a way to effectively scale HCM operations to meet the needs of a future workforce that promises to be even more diverse than it is now.

In a world where people need the ability to work anywhere at any time, you can significantly reduce problems by leveraging technology to introduce new capabilities. Flexible technology like mobile self-service apps let you boost collaboration, increase employee-reported data accuracy and give you a direct line for targeted communication to employees.

Whether it's "simple" administrative tasks or complex interpersonal endeavors, outsourcing HR solutions can enable your office of Human Resources to expand its capabilities and operate in a holistic framework that can fully engage in genuine human-capital management.

Marco Rolla

Marco is an industry researcher who focusses on global business, finance and the public sector. Marco aims to free service organizations from excessive administrative work.