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Inside Unit4

Inside Unit4 – Q&A with our global Marketing team

from  December 15, 2021 | 4 min read

At Unit4, our people are at the heart of everything we do. From coming up with brilliant ideas and concepts to delivering value creatively and passionately to our customers, our people shape how we succeed as a company. Our “People First” philosophy means that we make sure to deliver an extraordinary environment for our people enabling them to really contribute to the business and have a positive impact on their teams as well as on the people we serve as a business.   


As a modern and growing cloud company, our Global Marketing team role is fundamental. Not only do the team’s efforts contribute to increasing globalization and meeting our customer satisfaction and sales objectives, but they also help us span product, brand, creative, influencer and analyst relations, demand generation, communications, sales enablement, and events.

In this new blog article dedicated to our Global Marketing team, we asked Clare, Jessica, Donna, Antonella, Matthew, and Natasha, our team’s representatives, to tell us about the team’s and company’s culture, what they enjoy the most about being part of Unit4’s Global Marketing team and how their careers have developed and been enhanced by joining Unit4.


In conversation with the global Marketing team

What gets you excited to come to work at Unit4 every day?

Clare: “As a Product Marketer, I’m excited by the great innovations and enhancements we see coming through from our product and R&D teams. There is always a new product proposition to work on or an innovation to bring to life for our prospects and customers - and that means my day is always full of great discussions to help disseminate the message across the business and out into the wider market. It’s very exciting!”

Jessica: “There is never a dull moment and there is always something new and exciting brewing. Everyone works really hard, and I’m lucky to work with a team that works very well together!”

Donna: “Not only do I get to make a difference each day, but I know that my work is meaningful and that we’re offering our customers a real alternative to the on-premise products they may have purchased in the past. We also have a really exciting future with all our products including ERPx, FP&A, and HCM.”

Antonella: “The people I work with. I feel fortunate to have the chance to work every day with passionate people. Everyone at Unit4 is a team player and everyone is always eager to help. Since I started, I have realized I feel I can count on peers and we always stick together to deal with the biggest challenges. The atmosphere at Unit4 is very unique and rare and I’m honored to be part of it.”


What about Unit4’s journey do you admire the most?

Jessica: “I’ve been along for some big changes in Unit4 over the last several years and it is great to see us always striving to be better and to really walk the talk of being in business for people. Change is never easy and we’ve had a lot of it, but I have always been surrounded by colleagues that are super talented and dedicated to a high quality of work. My favorite of our company values is about choosing curiosity and embracing challenge, and I think through ups and downs and all-arounds we’ve really stuck with that value. We’re getting noticed in the market now and it’s exciting to be part of that journey where we’re being recognized for the depth of our industry knowledge and our dedication to serving our customers - just like they serve their communities.”

Matthew: “It’s impressive how they have grown in size from being founded to acquiring multiple companies all over the world, and subsequently being bought out by TA Associates. It’s noteworthy that they have managed to sustain growth in a competitive industry, and additionally, they have adapted very well as an organization to remote working during the pandemic by adjusting quickly to make sure all their staff could work safely from home.”

Donna:  “I admire the way Unit4 continues to adapt to the world around it. When I joined, I didn’t realize it was a company that was celebrating its 40th year. It doesn’t feel like a company that’s been around that long, and to me, that’s a good thing. I’ve worked for other companies where processes are cumbersome and inhibiting, and the message is ‘we’ve always done it that way, and you won’t change it’ – Well, that message just doesn’t exist here. If something isn’t working, then there’s a real effort to figure out a better way. It really is a start-up mentality but with a long history.”


How does working in marketing at Unit4 differ from other companies you have worked at?

Clare: “Unit4 has given me the opportunity to work in more of a global environment than I have experienced with previous companies. It has a much more flexible and collaborative approach to work across teams that span multiple continents. The Global Marketing Team is a great team to be a part of and has enabled me to learn a lot about how different marketing roles function and work together as a unit.”

Donna: “I have so much more autonomy here than I’ve ever experienced. It is a case of ‘with great power comes great responsibility’, but I also feel so supported in the decisions I make. And even by working at the global level, I align myself closely with the regional sales and marketing teams. In companies where I’ve worked previously, the global marketing team can feel as though they’re a world away from what’s happening on the ground. That just isn’t the case here. I’m truly accountable to the regional teams and we pull together to achieve our shared goals.”

Natasha: “The marketing team is full of talented people who are always happy to guide you and answer any questions you have. We’re also given a lot of freedom and trust to be creative, to ensure our marketing activities are a success, which is another bonus!”


How would you say your career has been enhanced by working at Unit4?

Clare: “Working at Unit4 not only offers the opportunity for continuous growth and development, but it makes it a necessity as the company is always moving quickly with new innovations, a culture of experimentation and learning, and an ambitious and driven team that naturally encourages continuous improvement. I have learned a lot in my 1.5 years at Unit4 and I don’t see this stopping anytime soon!”

Jessica: “Unit4 and I have grown up a lot together over the past six and a half years! I started as a marketing campaign associate in the North American marketing team and have worked my way through the leadership of that team, into the global team directing demand generation strategy for our Nonprofit, Higher Education, and PSA go-to-market areas, and am now taking on a new role managing our global account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns. I have had the chance to build great relationships with people from across the whole organization, as well as our customers, partners, and analysts, and to do a lot of on-the-job learning and collaboration with them which I think is the best way to develop your skills.”

Natasha: “I’ve been at Unit4 for over a year now, and I feel that I have learned so much about marketing, the company, and the industry. I’m given real responsibility which has increased my confidence to share creative and new ideas and execute them with my team’s support. We’re encouraged to provide/request feedback frequently and to develop our skills further with training courses – it’s great to be challenged and recognized often! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with the different teams and know they’ll continue to support me in the future too.”


Our growing cloud company is hiring in a range of new roles across multiple departments! If you are interested in joining the team and being part of the global Unit4 family, head to our careers site to explore our current opportunities, and to learn more about working here:

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