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Promise. Delivered. – IO Interactive reaps the benefits of our Cloud ERP

from  March 15, 2022 | 3 min read

Bond. James Bond. The name is synonymous with glamor and excitement. And that’s exactly what game-maker, IO Interactive, promises to deliver as it brings together a raft of elite talent to create its latest unique game – Project 007 (working title). Featuring a wholly original Bond story, players will be able to step into the shoes of the world’s favorite secret agent to earn their individual 007 status.

You won’t be surprised to learn that a lot of hard work by some very clever people goes into IO Interactive’s game development. And key to that success is freeing up those very same people to deliver on their promise.

This is where Unit4 comes in. We’ve been working closely with IO Interactive for many years, and we have a lot in common – we’re both in the business for people and Unit4’s ERP software takes away some of the strain from the day-to-day at IO Interactive. This basically means that the elite talent we’ve already mentioned can create wonderful games for their players across the world, without any administrative or low-value tasks getting in their way.

ERP from Unit4 harnesses the power of the cloud to marshal, protect and authenticate proprietorial data, while facilitating analysis and delivering critical insight. For IO Interactive the difference our software makes is tangible – it frees up key personnel to really focus on the task in hand.

I recently had a conversation with Ammara Ghulam (Head of Finance at IO Interactive). Ammara has found that Unit4’s Cloud ERP provides a strong system for IO Interactive’s master data – which removes any doubt around data validation and so enables her to max out resource on financial analysis instead of system administration and support.

While Unit4 takes care of system management, she can spend time on high-value reporting and analysis – consulting with management as an internal business partner – to help data-driven decision-making, inform investment, and drive the future direction of the business.

In addition to data storage, authentication, and security, automation of manual tasks frees up time across the business. And our ERP software enables IO Interactive’s system to flex and scale, guiding it in the right direction for its specific needs, but also ensuring it doesn’t veer too far away from the original solution.

As a result, any updates can be migrated seamlessly to the cloud. Coupled with the elimination of manual processes, consultancy like this is invaluable to IO Interactive because, as Ammara says, “we get to keep our heads in the game, put our feet on the table and start analyzing…”

At IO Interactive, our consultants continue to liaise with key stakeholders like Ammara. The company’s plans include transition to ERPx – our new, multi-tenant, next-generation cloud ERP software – which among other benefits for this client – will embed seamless user migration to updated versions of its premium games.

We know that technology alone isn’t enough. But in tandem with knowledge and experience, it can make all the difference. The one-to-one consultancy that Unit4 provides ensures that the productivity, velocity and resilience that our customers prioritize is tailored to their evolving needs.  

This means that companies like IO Interactive can optimize and grow their digital ecosystems, behind the scenes, and get on with delivering their promise to their end customers.