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Streamlined process and systems support fast growth

STANLEY Security offers innovative solutions for safety and fire protection.

Streamlined process and systems support fast growth

The Challenge

STANLEY Security, a division of Stanley Black & Decker, offers innovative solutions for safety and fire protection. Growing rapidly in Sweden, the company needed greater visibility into its business operations to make accurate and fast business decisions.

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● Professional Services

● 30 locations

● 800 employees

● Based in Sweden.

Our Solution

Unit4 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Improve your people’s daily lives with our suite of fully integrated enterprise applications.

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Improved Decision-Making

Executives can make better-informed and faster decisions to support rapid growth.

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More Time for Customers

Less time spent on admin, more on the mission, freeing employees to focus on improving customer ‘safety chains’.

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Greater Project Efficiency

Centralized, streamlined project management, fewer systems needed to manage operations and people-focused reporting improves efficiency.

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Different country operations had different systems, making it difficult to retrieve and use information. In Sweden, we needed a flexible system that could manage local requirements and provide a platform for growth.

Jan Vesterberg

IT Manager, STANLEY Security

How Did Unit4 Help?

  • Broad capabilities and new processes led to fewer systems needed to manage finance

  • Centralized reporting for project visibility

  • More comprehensive project reporting for better decision-making

  • One system for time registration and transactions for follow-up, invoicing and salaries

  • Mobile time sheets for field staff

  • Easy upgrading for cost-efficiency

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