Unit4 solutions for the Office of HR

Unit4 provides innovative human capital management solutions designed to meet the core needs of people- and services-focused organisations around the world. We also offer dedicated solutions that address the specific additional requirements of individual roles, business processes or localities.
HR & Payroll solutions for fast-changing, people-centric organisations
Dedicated solutions for specific territories

Our internationally available solutions are complemented by various regional products and services that are available from one or more of our teams around the world. These offer an even broader range of support for the requirements of customers in specific sectors and locations or with specialised business processes. View our international site here for more Unit4 solutions across the world.

Dedicated solutions for specific processes
  • Unit4 Absence Manager – a single, cloud-based solution to record, monitor and manage illness-related absence.
  • Unit4 HR & Payroll - HR & Payroll solution covers the entire employee lifecycle
  • Unit4 People Planning – the user-friendly tools and visibility to ensure the right people are on the right project at the right time.
  • Unit4 Time Management – enabling efficient time tracking and better management of projects.
  • Unit4 Travel & Expenses – a complete, cloud-based solution for faster, easier and more reliable expense claim submission and processing.
  • Unit4 Recruitment - a cloud-based one-stop hiring management resource.


Supporting organisations like yours

  • "All in all, Unit4 has delivered and we have a powerful financial and business solution that helps us to adapt to organization changes as well as those in wider world."

    Group Director of Finance and Company Secretary, The Conservation Volunteers

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  • "Our Unit4 solution is the sole foundation for our entire group of more than 8,000 employees at 150 locations."

    - CIO, Bravida

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  • "Moving off premise to the Unit4 cloud deployment option is a significant budget advantage."

    IT Systems Administrator, Södertörn University

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  • “The rationalisation of legacy systems and integration of HR, payroll and the general ledger underpins considerable organisational flexibility. We can make changes once, rather than multiple times with little or no disruption to the business. It has also driven considerable labour and ICT cost savings and improved the speed and integrity of our Payroll.”

    - Head of ICT Services, New Forest District Council

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How can we help?

Unit4 develops and delivers human resource management applications that are ideally suited to people- or service-focused organisations – whether public sector, private sector or NGO and Non-profit sector – that operate in a state of frequent and dynamic change.

Whether you are looking for core HR and payroll systems, dedicated stand-alone applications or a complete people management suite, our solutions provide smarter facilities for employees and end-to-end support for HR teams to better manage every stage in the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to retirement, no matter what changes along the way. With unrivaled agility to handle fast-changing organisational demands, evolving corporate structures or new legislation, your team will gain the best possible support and insights to both perform its day-to-day duties and add value to your organisation’s efforts to pursue its strategies and achieve its goals.

Why are we better?

Unit4’s HR solutions are designed from top to bottom to empower the people who use them: from smarter employee engagement (with more responsive, streamlined and intuitive services and systems), through to more effective and agile support for the HR team, enabling them to understand, respond to and help deliver essential ongoing change for the organisation.

Our integrated suite of solutions is a huge improvement on traditional, separate, insular HR systems, which often require expert assistance and duplicated manual work whenever something in the organization changes. We make it easy for you to shape each of our applications to the exact requirements of your organisation, and our unique IT system architecture means that employee updates only need to be made in just one place, which is more efficient, consistent and accurate. When change happens, you can always keep your data and processes in step, by easily adapting and updating the system yourself, to reflect any new structures and procedures.