Vast improvements, lower TCO for Magnox

Our Cloud ERP and FP&A solutions are helping this nuclear decommissioning organization to improve efficiency and benefit from a lower ongoing cost of ownership.

  • Making education at MMU more personal and its students more engaged, satisfied and successful

  • Helping War Child achieve its vision of a world in which no child’s life is torn apart by war

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Product Focus: Unit4 Student Management

Discover how our flexible end-to-end student information system (SIS) empowers your teams and students to achieve more.

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Product Focus: Unit4 Human Capital Management

Discover how we can support, inspire and engage your people with advanced payroll, HR and talent management solutions.

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On-demand webinar: "Increasing citizen value with people experience software"

Learn how public services organizations can reduce their administrative burden and focus more on value-driven tasks.

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Industry Focus: Higher Education

Discover how HE leaders are adapting to seize new opportunities, with tools that are built for next-generation institutions.

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Industry Focus: Higher Education – Institutional Effectiveness

Learn how leading institutions are streamlining processes to focus more on students, compliance and accountability.

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Industry Focus: Higher Education – Boosting Student Success

Learn how leading institutions are transforming to deliver a modern, digital People Experience for their students.

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Industry Focus: Higher Education – Accelerate Institutional Growth

Learn how leading institutions attract and keep the best-fit students, improve cost visibility and adapt to new models.

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Industry Focus: Professional Services – Execute Profitable Projects

Learn how leading PSOs drive success via greater visibility and control of their project plan, schedule, cost and budget

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Industry Focus: Professional Services – Bill With Precision

Learn how leading PSOs gather and use data more effectively to outperform the rest of the market on revenue and margins.

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