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Benefits of Risk Management Software

Any business proposition, relationship or contract involves some element of risk, no matter the size or industry. However, it is how businesses mitigate risk that is important.

Utilizing an eProcurement solution like Supplier Management helps to provide a framework to reduce the risk of negative outcomes from business relationships or contracts. By streamlining corporate governance into a single system and automating processes, you're able to be proactive in mitigating risk which enables growth strategies. The digitalization of risk management enablesbusinessesto stay compliantat scale with internal policies and outside regulatory bodiesacross third-party networks.

14 key benefits of risk management software

  1. Centralized Data - Control information with a centralized document repository with metadata search functions. Developing risk profiles for vendors and third parties is quicker and more efficient, and any decisions made on future relationships are supported by accurate data.
  2. Monitoring - Risk management software continuously monitors third-party relationships to identify areas of risk, security breaches, and compliance issues. Businesses are able to react quickly to avoid or reduce the level of damages.
  3. Reporting Data - Data analysis tools provided by risk management software can predict potential risks and guarantee a quick response to issues such as bottlenecks, poor performance, operations, and non-deliverables. The reporting data can also monitor KPIs.
  4. Data Analysis - Data analysis with risk management software can be very granular to show an accuraterepresentation of which employees and third parties are successfully meetingtheir obligationsregardingefficiency and output; thereby reducing operational risk fromdelays.
  5. Industry Regulations - Avoid being blindsided by government legislation with regular updates to your risk management software and prevent unnecessary non-compliance issues.
  6. Pre-ApprovedContract Templates- Reduce compliance risk by allowing legal teams to create standardized language and clauses that can be regularly updated to reflect changing regulations.
  7. Auditing - The reporting and auditing features of an automated risk management system means you are always alert to potential complianceissues regardingcontract terms and provisions. Avoid the financial and reputational risks associated with poor compliance with standardized policies and procedures built into your risk management solution.
  8. Intelligent Questionnaires - When launching new business relationships, risk management software can design,build,and publish intelligent questionnaires to gain real insights into clients, suppliers,vendors,andagents.
  9. Background Checks - Integrate with externaldatabases such as Dow Jones, LexisNexis, and Dun & Bradstreet to access advancedsecurity profilingof businesses and individuals.
  10. IdentityManagement - Authenticateand investigate individuals and companies to detect and prevent fraud, reducing therisk any vendor may pose to your business.
  11. Audit Logs - Track changes in order to stay compliant with regulations.Every action made in risk management software is fully tracked and timestamped in audit logs with the user’s information.
  12. Self-Reporting - Risk management software offers a self-reporting feature that allows third parties to conduct their own reports to reduce the resources needed in the risk management process,
  13. Access Control - Allow andrestrict access to mitigate security risks witha configurable access control interface.
  14. Incident Capture - All incidents can be stored and automatically assigned for investigation to detect fraud.

One of the cornerstones of Unit4's Supplier Management software is the configuration capabilities that can be tailored to specific fields and datasets. Due to their cross-platform open API architecture, the software can integrate with a range of different systems and software. Any existing tools, processes, or legacy systems can be retained and implemented into the software.

How Unit4 can help you

Our Source-to-Contract platform incorporates fully integrated Supplier Management that provides all the benefits discussed above. Learn what it can do for yourself: visit our product page here to watch a 2-minute demo or reach out to talk to our sales team.

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